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The finance services industry is prime for digital transformation shake-up as countries globally are deregulating cloud storage for finance, and new startups mature into fintech industry disruptors.

AFDigital have been working with financial services companies including banks, mobile payments and business lending services. AFDigital have built industry tailored solutions across Social Customer Service, Marketing Automation, Social Listening and Insights Reporting.

"Thanks to Robin and his amazing team at AFDigital we were able to quickly & smoothly launch Social Studio, with immediate ROI for our business."

— Kirill Keis
Senior Project Manager - Salesforce

"Working with AFDigital has been a delight and they are very attentive to resolving the issues quickly."

— Samuel Teh
CRM Systems Executive - Audi Australia

"The partner has experience with, and a track record for, similar implementations, vertical expertise, innovate in providing ideas and improvements and delivering results."

— Sharmini Supramaniam
Business Solution Manager - Malaysia Airlines

"A good experience with a good partner. All in all a great job and good service."

— Open Doors

"We learned immensely from the implementation and meetings with AFD and look forward to working with them again."

— Shakey's

"The partner was very determined to meet our requirements and was always happy to help us with any issues we had during the process."

— MyConnect

"Amazingly helpful, flexible, really listened, and worked to hard to solve our issues. Excellent service and communications."

— Primo Estatet

"Very thorough exploration of use cases was undertaken prior to beginning work. This was followed up with close collaboration during the build and then finally a detailed walkthrough and handover."

— Adelaide Airport

"I found the training extremely useful. We had a small group so it was very hands-on and allowed the opportunity to troubleshoot one-on-one and receive more tailored training."

— CPA Australia

"Social Studio is tricky to understand when you're just starting out but working with such a skilled team made it quite an enjoyable experience. AFDigital helped us organise our workflows and social listening but they've also taught us that there's so much more we can do with the platform. I look forward to working with them again."

— ARQ Group

"Our training was practical, hands-on, and high value. It covered a large spread of information in a couple of relatively short sessions."

— Kaplan

"Ability to provide industry best practices and new trends."

— BPI Philam

"The organization has felt the benefits of the system. As well as the support given by AFD. We are looking forward to future enhancements and implementations."

— Traveloka

"Working with AFDigital has been a delight and they are very attentive to resolving issues quickly."

— Audi

"Good implementation of strategy can deliver extraordinary results. The partner has experience with, and a track record for, similar implementations, vertical expertise, innovative in providing ideas and improvements and delivering results."

— Malaysia Airlines Berhad

"Working with AFDigital, you can expect to work with a partner who will listen to your problems, help examine all possible scenarios, and provide the best solution possible. They will provide you with guidance and support, listen to your questions even when they sound silly, and not only give you the answer but also the reasoning behind why they are recommending something so you can properly understand why. AFDigital have helped break down the complexity of Marketing Cloud so that we can start utilizing the system correctly, while also expanding upon our current marketing strategy."

— Wizard Pharmacy

"The team went above and beyond to help us with this project and I am very grateful for all the help! Everything was done at a high standard and was finished in the time that was asked (which wasn't very long). Thank you very much again for helping us with everything and checking in to make sure everything ran smoothly!"

— Wizard Pharmacy

"The AFDigital team are highly skilled operators and were very professional and warm in their approach to our team, as the client. During the project, we had some unexpected delays on our end and AFDigital were very accommodating. They were generous with their time and always looking to set us up for success. We really value our ongoing partnership with AFDigital."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.71 out of 10

— Scripture Union QLD

"We were very impressed with expertise and professionalism of the AFD team from the start. They performed a health check on our Salesforce stack in which they effectively dissected our business challenges and highlighted ROI-driven opportunities. They delivered an impressive strategic plan and roadmap to leverage all relevant touchpoints within our digital ecosystem and Salesforce stack. In addition, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with AFD and Salesforce team. Their passion for what they do is contagious and a pleasure to be around."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.29 out of 10

— Craveable Brands

"Consultants were very knowledgeable and adhered to best practice principles. They were also very pragmatic, allowing us to achieve realistic outcomes within the timelines set."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.43 out of 10

— Tennis Australia

"AFDigital was a great partner to work with. They adhered to our tight timelines and made sure that everything in the project was delivered on. They went above and beyond and are a great team to work with. We will definitely be using them for future projects."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.71 out of 10

— H&R Block

"The team at AFDigital were nothing short of amazing. Communication was impeccable, they were very understanding of the limitations and restrictions we had. As a client, the process was easy and stress-free."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.71 out of 10

— Foot Locker

"It was a pleasure working with AFDigital and Maartje in particular, who had a very high level of knowledge of Salesforce, quickly obtained a grasp of our custom environment and was easily able to build and implement our requirements."
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.0 out of 10

— CXC Global

"We could not have gotten this done in the same timeframe on our own. That was a huge bonus for us!"
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 9.43 out of 10

— Law in Orderr

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