WWF, AFD Team Up to Protect the Future of Nature Through Better Online Reach

AFDigital teamed up with the Philippine chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature to boost the organization’s online reach– all in a bid to help save nature and the environment.

AFDigital’s work included handling WWF’s online and social media presence, reaching out to a wider audience, and engaging people to be informed and join WWF’s activities and initiatives. We developed their social media accounts and campaigns, as well as a number of online content.

Doing our part to save the world we live in, our work boosted contributions, engagement, and participation for WWF’s campaigns and initiatives.

WWF does their work for a living planet; when it comes to digital marketing, AFDigital can effectively plan it.

*This article also appeared on: https://www.afdigital.com/wwf-afdigital-team-up-to-protect-the-future-of-nature-through-better-online-reach/

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