Why you should rethink your business strategy as you usher in the new year

There is a clamour to modernise the traditional business services model and AFDigital responds by innovating and transforming its solutions into a tech-enabled model — one that relies heavily on digitalisation and innovation to deliver the best results. These methods are essential in the company’s Industry practice as it continues to build more innovative, compliant, and human-centred services for its customers. AFDigital redefines experiences for customers by providing Industry Strategy and Advisory to guide them through the challenging business landscape. 

Uncertain times ” and a pandemic that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight ” make it imperative for businesses to adopt strategies that would enable them to stay competitive, either by offering new products or services, following a business model that allows customers to gain value with less effort, and applying new approaches to service fulfilment for the ultimate customer experience. 

Our solution 

AFDigital specialises in Industry Strategy and Advisory, offering expert insights on business challenges and tailor-fit solutions to address them. We offer both technology-based and people-powered solutions to help clients achieve their business goals. We take pride in our knowledge and experience that enables us to assess high-level business issues objectively, taking a holistic look at our clients’ specific pain points so we can strategise and advise on how to approach these problems. 

Our expert consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of our client’s business goals and objectives to better understand if their current practises are aligned with the results they want to achieve. We will then provide strategic recommendations the clients can implement to drive better results. We can also provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape to help our clients make informed decisions. 

AFDigital's Program Management Services 

AFDigital’s newest offer is an innovative and customer-centric approach that provides clients with consulting and advisory services. Our Program Management and Advisory service’s objective is to grow existing client revenue through transformation, program, and architecture advisory and leadership. 

Spearheaded by Biren Chaudhary, AFDigital’s Salesforce CRM Practice and Industry Services Director, this offer enables clients to strategise, develop, implement, and oversee projects seamlessly through a dedicated resource which also allows them to successfully adopt Salesforce within their organisation. 

Biren’s program management approach balances and aligns the needs of stakeholders with those across the business and IT side, while putting an emphasis on stakeholder engagement, commitment, and communication as integral aspects of delivering exceptional customer service.

With Biren leading the charge on solidifying our industry strategy and efforts, we are able to create another value for our customers as we push for more innovative marketing-leading solutions. With him holding the reins of our industry plays and partnerships, we can better support our customers and partners with an integrated perspective across industries.

Learn more about this service and how it can help your business by booking a 1-hour advisory session with us. 


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