Why Your Business Must Create New Value

Biren Chaudhary, Director for Industry Services at AFDigital, talks about the importance of New Value creation for B2B success. 

Professional Services & Creating New Value 

A stroll through the Professional Services marketplace would likely remind you of a bazaar encounter or experience ” everyone is a customer, we have all the services you need, the best solution at the best price, the list goes on. This kind of marketing compels companies, especially B2B, to find ways to navigate through the overwhelming Professional Services bazaar. The first step? Identify and create the New Value to offer.

Thriving in the business world is already challenging, especially in a landscape where companies expand their yards and try to sell whatever a potential customer wants. This makes it imperative for companies to take their strategy game one notch up. When the competition gets tough, companies must create a New Value to get going. And that’s precisely what we have been doing at AFDigital.

So what is this New Value we are trying to create? 

Digitalisation and Innovation

The traditional professional services model is long overdue for disruption. We at AFDigital respond to this disruption by innovating and transforming our service offering into a tech-enabled Performance service model. 

The distinction lies in our way of exploring methodologies, such as digitalisation and innovation. These methodologies become increasingly important in our Industry practice as we build more innovative, compliant, and human-centered solutions to redefine experiences and help our customers overcome the disruption in their lives.

New Normal” Buyer's Journey

The pandemic had caused a significant shift in the ways customers engage with businesses. This shift spawned the urgent need for companies to undergo digital transformation and implement digital enablement in the buyers journey. 

For me and many others, the new normal buyer’s journey involves three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Today’s consumers spend time online and are more informed than ever. Access to the internet helps them make an educated decision on a purchase before they plan to contact you. 

Transformation, Evolution, Revolution

Living in uncertain times makes success highly dependent on a company’s ability to execute and adapt strategies that lead to meaningful change. For your company to thrive, you must find a new source of value through the Transformation - Evolution - Revolution approach.

Your business must consider digital transformation a strategic priority to stay competitive in your niche, improve customer experience, and increase revenue, among others. Once this is underway, you can then harness the power of technology to enhance current processes and offerings. This digital evolution takes time but, when done consistently and right, can pave the path to success and cause a revolutionary change in your business. 

How to Succeed in uncertain times

Success comes in different forms, but the factors that lead to it have one thing in common: opposing established strategic and operational trajectories. Business success requires investing in cutting-edge technology and pushing for innovations ”applied with your underlying purpose” to enable long-term scalable solutions. Many consider this the lynchpin to executing strategic priorities and giving their organisation the best chance to thrive in an uncertain future.

The juncture of digital technologies and innovation carries a tremendous value for our clients in accelerating recovery from the pandemic’s effects and in better positioning their business for future headway. This is the New Value AFDigital Industry Services offers.

How about you, what’s the New Value you want to create?

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