Salesforce Marketing Cloud April 2021 Release: A Review by AFDigital MC Consultant Tom Miller

Living in a digital world means every business must deliver seamless and connected digital experiences at scale. Salesforce Marketing Cloud does that and more. It empowers businesses to know, personalise, and engage across every customer touchpoint. We’ve helped many companies achieve customer engagement and success through Salesforce Marketing Cloud; that’s why we’re thrilled every time there are product updates and releases.

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Tom Miller, AFDigital Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, shares his insights on the latest Marketing Cloud release and the value it brings to your business. But before we jump to his review, let’s do a quick introduction first. Marketing Cloud Consultant Tom started his career in architecture and event management but eventually found his way to the curious and ever-evolving digital world. He strongly focuses on ensuring all works are functionally creative, serve a purpose, and create moments while maintaining a strong link with their offline counterparts. Before moving to AFDigital, he was the Project Lead for a multi-cloud Salesforce transformation project in tourism.   Now let’s take a look at Tom Miller’s review on Marketing Cloud’s new product features centered on data quality, insights, and integration for a seamless experience.

Customer 360 Connector with Tableau

Visualising and discovering insights from your detailed cross-CX engagement, behavioral, and transactional data is now possible using Customer 360 Audiences with Tableau. What does this mean for you as a marketer or analyst? Simply put, all the data you need to get answers for business operations and understand the who and why behind cross-channel engagement performances is right at your fingertips. Tableau Customer 360 Audience Integration provides robust analytics capabilities at scale. This enables you to identify behavioral trends, discover customer insights, and gain a better understanding of campaign metrics, so you can better inform future strategies and grow your business.

Interaction Studio Surveys

Marketing Cloud takes personalisation a step further with Interaction Studio Surveys, a capability that enables marketers to leverage web visitor survey data in real-time. With Interaction Studio Surveys, you can create, target, and deploy questions to visitors and customers to gather explicit feedback.  You can use the data collected from your surveys to enhance personalisation experiences, create user segments, conduct A/B tests to validate business impact, and analyse feedback results.

Datorama Multi-Touch Attribution App

Salesforce Marketing Cloud amplifies Datorama’s marketing intelligence with an app that allows users to harness the power of first-party data to drive marketing touchpoints. If you’re after customer-obsessed marketing, then you’ll love this new feature.  Datorama’s Multi-Touch Attribution App offers a progressive approach to attribution that puts you in complete control and lets you optimise your marketing investments towards efficiency. In a nutshell, it handles all your attribution needs — from data ingestion, manipulation, and analysis ” and takes the heavy lifting out of attribution analysis, and makes it transparent and flexible for your business needs with an all clicks, no-code approach.  Ultimately, you will be empowered to drive more value from your media spend by having full visibility to analyse your first-party touchpoints.

Data Quality Metrics for Einstein

Do you eat customer data for breakfast? Then you’ll love Marketing Cloud’s Data Quality Metrics for Einstein. Using data quality scores helps you understand its quality, track your progress based on performance, identify opportunities to improve data quality and see actionable insights.  In short, having an efficient and accurate data-driven approach to marketing is possible with Einstein’s enhanced feature.

Marketing Cloud Package Manager

Here’s another Marketing Cloud feature that will excite businesses and marketers. Designed to bring scalability and value for customers and partners, Marketing Cloud Package Manager lets you export and import content, data models, and entire Journeys for easy and efficient reuse.  This new platform application also allows you to share best practices across the global enterprise and leverage industry subject matter expertise to jumpstart the use of Marketing Cloud.  The value it brings? Having these best-practice configurations at your fingertips reduces your time to market so you can see value quicker and improve your scalability!

Datorama Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud App

Every marketer’s dream of connecting marketing and sales for outcome-driven insights becomes a reality with Datorama Marketing Insights for Sales Cloud App.  This new capability enables you to maximise your marketing impact by creating a complete picture of your ad spend to revenue funnel. With this app, you can easily connect your Salesforce CRM and ad spend data to get a holistic view of how your campaigns are affecting revenue.  This allows you to visualise your return on advertising spend and measure your campaign effectiveness as seen in the screenshot below - awesome! The information we shared is just the tip of the iceberg. You can get an in-depth look at Marketing Cloud’s new product features when you read their full release notes.  Need help exploring Marketing Cloud and its awesome product features? Let us help you send us a message and talk to us!  

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