What's in a name: Salesforce renames 6 Marketing Cloud products

Salesforce recently renamed six of its Marketing Cloud products in an effort to streamline and simplify this suite. The public announcement was done at Salesforce World Tour Sydney.

The name changes are for the following add-ons and functionalities:

  • Messaging/Journeys is now Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization
  • Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence
  • Salesforce CDP is now Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform
  • Advertising Studio is now Marketing Cloud Advertising
  • Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Additionally, Social Studio is being retired.

    In a nutshell, “Engagement” is the new umbrella for communication types, CDP goes from acronym to being spelled out, Advertising Studio drops the “Studio” and the names Interaction Studio and Datorama are now both a thing of the past.

    Despite the name changes, the product functionality and how the products are bundled, features within products, and their SKU names, will not be affected. The names Email Studio, Journey Builder, and Mobile Studio are all being retained.

    Why renaming the products was necessary

    The main reason these products were renamed is for the sake of consistency. The entire Marketing Cloud suite is a result of acquisitions that have spanned over a decade, and most of the products retained their original names post-Salesforce acquisition.

    Considering how expansive the Salesforce portfolio has become, the key is to name products in a way that their functionality can be understood by those not familiar with the stack.

    The overarching aim is to facilitate how we talk about the products across different Salesforce “clouds” (that are used by different teams, in most organisations). As Salesforce’s marketing technologies become tighter with the core Salesforce platform, “cross-cloud” collaboration is getting ever more attention.

    And it’s not only how Salesforce specialists will communicate with one another. Salesforce wants Marketing Cloud features to “speak the language of the customer”. What’s conversational? How does each products’ name associate with what it should deliver?

    Make the names consistent and immediately understandable – that’s how “Easy” is coming to the Marketing Cloud’s suite.

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