What Is Heroku?

What is Heroku and Who Is It For?

AFDigital is well on its journey with Heroku, the platform-as-a-service that enables companies to spend their time developing and deploying apps that immediately start producing value. As we equip our teams to implement and utilise the platform, we keep discovering more and more of its amazing capabilities.

And since AFDigital accommodates customers that span varied industries and business sizes, we know more than anyone that every company is as different as the apps they produce. There are teams of one or 1,000 who want to build a simple prototype or a large-scale product. Regardless of scale and size, Heroku gives you the quickest path to delivering apps, using the tools and languages that you already love.

Heroku is for:


We know that great apps come from inspired and productive developers. The Heroku platform is meticulously designed to support the best possible experience and maximize productivity. It is fully-managed, meaning that the platform takes care of servers, hardware, and infrastructure, so you can stay focused on your app.


The life of a CTO is not easy, with balancing the technical and business worlds and being responsible for making technical decisions. Heroku’s managed service gives CTOs the quickest path to delivering apps from concept to production. On the business side, it provides greater transparency and control over timelines and costs.


Heroku provides built-in support for modern collaboration practices for teams, such as continuous delivery and continuous integration. Teams can be more efficient with Heroku Teams through unified collaboration, administration & billing for all apps.


Entrepreneurs focus on getting their great ideas to market quickly, so they can start building out their business. To stay competitive, they need to deliver apps fast, iterate on apps quickly, set up to scale, and control operational costs. Heroku also grows with the business — you can use a range of free services to get established and then scale up with increased usage.


Apps have become a strategic imperative for a traditional enterprise to stay competitive in today’s digital world. Heroku meets the needs of large corporations and high-performance apps, providing enterprise-grade auditing, support, and scale.


Whether you are a digital agency, a technical professional services organisation, or something completely different, Heroku provides a single comprehensive platform for delivering a portfolio of client apps and growing your business. As each client project is different, your developers can code in their language of choice and easily integrate third-party cloud services with one click.


Even those who are just starting to learn a new language or concept can use Heroku to write great code and build beautiful apps. Heroku gives students a simple path to getting app projects up and running quickly, including a fully-managed runtime environment coupled with a wide range of tools and integrated services.

The whole Heroku experience and flexibility are designed to support you and your team’s preferred development style and help you stay focused and productive. AFDigital can help you kickstart this journey with Heroku — set you up for success and empower you to build your own apps yourself!

Not sure where to start? Join our upcoming Heroku App-in-a-Day workshop on Feb 27 to learn how to build your own app in just a day. Register now!

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