What is a Digital Experience, and why is it so critical?

Humans spend a huge chunk of their time on their devices doing various online activities, from shopping and browsing on their socials, to remote work.

With so many devices and so many screens, Digital Experiences have become critical to an organisation’s success. In order for your business to truly transform, you need to think of your customer experience first and apply it to the technology, rather than the other way around.

What is a digital experience? First, let's define experience.

A customer experience is how they perceive their interaction with your business. It forms part of an end-to-end journey that your customers experience before, during and after doing business with you. As the worlds become more digital, it’s important to carefully consider and design for your personas and segments.

A digital experience is when your customer’s journey intersects with the digital world, and their experience is aided by technology in some way. As humans, we are inherently inquisitive so it makes sense that people want to experience things digitally - whether they are using their mobile devices to learn about a product or visiting your website to shop for your products and services. Providing a great digital experience allows them to do it seamlessly, and quickly.

Most importantly, experiences need to be delivered at the right time and place. They must be consistent and contextual to meet customer expectations.

The importance of experience design

Experience design is more than just something that looks good - it is about understanding the experience that your customers are having through their journey with you. A customer will have a digital experience both online and offline; on their smartphones, laptops, smart TV’s and at your store front.

Your experience as an online customer can be vastly different to your experience at the store front. It may be the same product but its experience differs– experience design helps to improve this through visual storytelling.

So let us look at this from a business perspective:

Customer experience has become key; both offline and online Experience designers understand how people think and what triggers them to take action Experience isn’t just about good looks - it needs to focus on brand identity, product development and service delivery

This means that experience consultants and designers need to not only work collaboratively with internal stakeholders and agencies but also understand the experience that you want to deliver. They need to understand what experience your products and services create so they can design lateral experience solutions, ask new questions and work with you on developing creative solutions.

In short, experience consultants and designers have mastered the art of seeing things from a customer’s point of view - which is exactly why it is so essential for businesses who want to increase their growth… ‘seeing’ through a customer’s eyes help consider everything from the digital touchpoints to the physical experience.

How do I design a digital experience?

There is a difference between a good experience and a memorable experience. The first step is to understand what you want your customers to achieve from your experience. This will help you define what success looks like which you can then use to benchmark your experiences against in the future.

By understanding the customer journey, We can combine the art of storytelling with design thinking to make experiences more relevant, engaging and successful.

What do we offer at AFDigital?

Our Digital Experience offering can help transform your business by delivering workshops to uncover insights, user journeys and implement experience strategies. We employ an outside-in approach using a combination of critical thinking and design thinking to build creative experience solutions. The end result is a contextual experience with each piece having a purpose, to create moments that are loved. Our digital experiences services include: Digital Strategy Workshops Digital Strategy Roadmaps User Experience Mapping User Experience Design Information Architecture Campaign Management & Creative Asset Development

We’ve created an experience process to help guide you through the whole experience journey to deliver success and value through your Salesforce investment.

What are the benefits?

It ensures that your digital experiences are designed around what will best serve your customer needs. Having a consistent experience across multiple channels is pivotal to drive customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

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