VP for Experience and Partnerships to Elevate Customer Experience for AFDigital Partners

  AFDigital has always committed itself to innovate and redefine the human experience with technology. The onboarding of veteran Sales and Success Director Romeo Pierre reflects AFDigital’s efforts to build better client relationships and provide optimal customer experience across all touchpoints. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Romeo Pierre has worked on comprehensive solutions ” from CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and master data management to concept management, DMP, website optimization, and website personalization. Romeo has always been at the forefront of leading companies toward digital innovation and success, having worked for renowned companies like Marriot, Hilton, Comcast Cable, Innovex, Oracle, and Fusion5. His career anchored on strategically helping clients unlock opportunities for their business and rise above the competition and centered on providing optimal customer experiences.

I love dealing with the front-end client, dealing with the whole experience aspect because experience really makes a difference in any organization, any company, basically to anyone. “ Romeo Pierre

His transition to Australia placed him on another exciting career path that focuses on ensuring the success of people and organisations. With a customer success type of mindset, Romeo helps people understand the potential of what they can do with technology using software. His passion lies in working with strategic services to build different plans, journeys, and campaigns around experience.  As AFDigital’s VP for Experience and Partnerships, Romeo looks forward to seeing and helping the company and its customers grow. By going beyond direct selling and focusing more on strategy and solutions, Romeo seeks to boost our customers target sales and achieve better ROIs by leveraging technology.  AFDigital is more than an integration and implementation partner. Romeo’s involvement creates another opportunity for the company to deliver a wide array of capabilities to assist customers in their journey. 

Romeo is a mastermind behind navigating complex customer transformation and successful partner channel strategy. I'm really excited to see our business evolve and grow under Romeo's leadership. - Robin Leonard, CEO and Co-Founder

AFDigital puts innovation and value for people at the forefront of the business. With Romeo Pierre on board, the company is looking forward to providing partners with comprehensive CRM services tailored to their business needs and a seamless customer experience. 

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