The Value of Digital Experiences in Business

We now live in a world where going digital is no longer an option; it’s already a must for businesses to thrive. The rise of digital channels has paved the way for brands to interact with customers on a more personalised level, creating Digital Experiences across various touchpoints. 

Digital Experiences “DX” and why it matters 

Digital is noisy. While digital channels enable brands to talk and engage with consumers, its rise also gave birth to shifts in consumer behaviour and challenges in brand relevance and engagement. This emphasises the need to create positive Digital Experiences or “DX”, especially now as we move into a world that’s becoming more digital — where more of what we experience lies on mobile gadgets and backlit screens. 

Creating Digital Experiences to bring value

AFDigital believes that marketing must cater to the end-to-end experience a human has with a brand. This is what Digital Experience is all about.  

Creating Digital Experiences means weaving moments that customers love — the kind that matter to and resonate with them the most — based on their preferences and behaviour. DX is responsible for the strategy, design, and implementation of human experiences for our customers through data-driven storytelling. 

It’s an outside-in approach combining critical thinking and design thinking to help us build creative solutions tailored to specific customer needs. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes by having a mindset that considers what they would like to feel, experience, see, touch, do, and so on.

By helping you understand the humans that engage with your business, we can craft meaningful and contextual moments with them.

— Tom Miller, DX Lead & Experience Architect, AFDigital

Digital Experiences as a Multi-Cloud & Multi-Platform Solution

AFDigital have been providing digital marketing services since its inception. We found our niche in delivering a tech-enabled, data-driven approach to marketing by leveraging connected platforms like Salesforce to build smart customer experiences. As we strive to redefine experience through technology, we bring Digital Experiences to the table to help accelerate your digital transformation. 

Spanning the end-to-end customer lifecycle, Digital Experiences are a value add to our Multi-Cloud offering and can be standalone services too. Our DX offer includes:

What makes it great is that these services aren’t exclusive to one platform. DX can apply to an already existing Salesforce investment and to digital platforms like Google and Facebook. We’ve designed our DX framework to cover Strategy, Consultation, Salesforce, and Digital. 

AFDigital puts great value on Digital Experiences in driving the overall customer experience “CX” strategy. Always a key component of CX, positive digital experiences spawn great customer experiences. Having a holistic CX and DX approach creates consistency in the whole customer journey. Consistent personalised journeys, in turn, generate customer loyalty. 

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Meet Tom Miller, DX Lead and Experience Architect at AFDigital

Marketing Cloud Consultant

Tom started his career in architecture and event management but eventually found his way to the curious and ever-evolving digital world. 

As a Digital Strategy Consultant for 11 years now, he leads multi-channel transformations for Australian businesses large and small, helping them increase their revenue, growth, and engagement.

Tom is passionate about providing digital solutions and redefining human experiences through creative problem-solving. He strongly focuses on ensuring all works are functionally creative, serve a purpose, and create moments while maintaining a strong link with their offline counterparts. 

Before moving to AFDigital, he was the Project Lead for a multi-cloud Salesforce transformation project in tourism and has led the digital campaigns and web transformation projects of an international university in South Australia.

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