The Trailblazer's Guide To #DF19

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s much-awaited event of the year, and it’s happening once again on 19-22 November in San Francisco, CA. As thousands of trailblazers gather at the Dreamforce campus, we want you to make the most of this conference just like how our CEO Robin did, who was also a Dreamforce speaker last year (check out his #DF18 talk here!). Here are some tips and recommendations on how to go about your #DF19 journey by our Dreamforce team who have experienced Dreamforce themselves.

##1. PLAN YOUR WEEK## There are over 2,700 sessions happening (a lot of them simultaneously!) on this 4-day conference and you can’t afford to miss the ones most relevant to you! Have a serious look at Dreamforce’s agenda beforehand and pick out the ones you think will benefit you and your team the most. Good thing Salesforce makes organising your sessions so easy—use the Agenda Builder to make sure you’re always right on schedule.

It’s good to have the right mix of Sales, Service, Marketing, and leadership-related topics so you get the most of #DF19. Our Dreamforce team has recommended these main keynotes:

###Tuesday, November 19###

-10:00 AM – Dreamforce Opening Keynote with Marc Benioff and Keith Block, Co-CEO’s, Salesforce, and Special Guests
-1:30 PM – Fireside Chat with Marc Benioff and Tim Cook
-3:00-3:45 PM – Building Ethical AI that Scales with Your Business (Vivienne Ming and Kay Firth Butterfield)
###Wednesday, November 20### -9:15 AM – Future of Work: Leading in the New Era (Aneel Bhusri and Barbara Humpton)
-11:30 AM – Global Officials Panel: Improving the State of the World Starts with Trust (Eddie Ndopo, Carlos Sanvee, and Yo-Yo Ma)
-1:15 PM – Future of Retail: Redefining the Customer Experience (Marjolein Westerbeek, James Rhee, and Arnold Donald)
###Thursday, November 21### -10:30 AM – A Conversation with Marc Benioff and President Barack Obama
-12:00 PM – CEOs Advocating for Equality (Stacy Brown-Philpot, Sallie Krawcheck, and Mariam Naficy)
-4:45 PM – The Future of Digital Transformation: Moving from Discovery to Delivery (James Whitehurst and Michael E. Kassan)
###Friday, November 22###

-9:00 AM – Brain Health and Resilience (Deepak Chopra and Emilia Clarke)


Plenty of after-parties will happen throughout Dreamforce, which is a great way to network, but take it easy. Save some energy on the first, second, and third nights so your mind remains fresh to take in new insights and information from the learning sessions. Smash it out on the fourth night, though!

Speaking of smashing it out, enrol in ALL the #DF19 parties, even if you’re not sure you’re attending. Your friends might be going, and you definitely don’t want to miss out. Who knows what will happen?!


Yes, even if you don’t know them. Dreamfest offers such an awesome show every year. So even if you don’t know the artist, get to know them on your way. GO YOUR OWN WAY!


The APAC Lounge is the most comfortable place. It has food, drinks, and relevant people to talk to. It’s your staycation location within the event and your relaxing escape if it all gets too much.


Have a backpack or rucksack with you during the sessions. There are a lot of freebies to bring home!


Don’t be an island, the biggest value you can gain is from talking to other people and building networks. Be prepared to tell your Salesforce story—everybody has one, and everybody is interested to hear yours.

And don’t forget your business cards! You’ll never know who you’ll meet. You can also connect with other trailblazers online, just send an email to get conversations started.


Don’t forget to take notes during the sessions! Prepare what you intend to share with your team when you get back while all the learning is fresh and relevant.


Make sure your team feels as if they are also in Dreamforce ‘19 by sharing #DF19 content with them and on your social channels. Post photos, videos, and quotable quotes to share the fun and learning with everyone. Your team can also register for the #DF19 live stream so they don’t miss a beat.

Don’t forget to download the Salesforce Events App from the Apple Store or Google Play and follow Dreamforce on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Dreamforce ‘19 is more than just a conference, it’s a truly empowering experience. There’s no better place to meet new like-minded trailblazers and discover the latest innovations and technology that will actually change the world. Soak in the San Francisco sun and enjoy #DF19!

Special thanks to marketing legends Tina Relampagos, Pat Taverna and Karen Regpala for making this article possible!

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