Top 7 Dreamforce '19 Highlights

The recently-concluded Dreamforce ‘19 has been nothing short of amazing, as thousands of trailblazers gathered in San Francisco, CA to talk of inspiration, innovation, and giving back.

The recently-concluded Dreamforce ‘19 has been nothing short of amazing, as thousands of trailblazers gathered in San Francisco, CA to talk of inspiration, innovation, and giving back.

1. Salesforce Customer 360 Truth

Everyone’s thinking of these 3 words this year: Salesforce Customer 360. Salesforce introduced their strengthened Customer Data Platform called Customer 360 Truth, a new set of capabilities that allows companies to connect, authenticate, and govern customer data and identity across Salesforce and creates the single source of truth the everyone is looking for.

The Customer 360 Truth capabilities include:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager, that uses a canonical data model and a universal Salesforce ID that represents each customer

  • Salesforce Identity for Customers, that removes friction from the login experience and enables a single, authenticated and secure relationship between a customer and all of a company’s websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps and connected products

  • Customer 360 Audiences, that builds unified customer profiles across known data such as email addresses and first-party IDs and unknown data such as website visits and device IDs

  • Privacy and Data Governance, that enables companies to collect and respect customer data use and privacy preferences, as well as apply data classification labels to all data in Salesforce

  • Learn more about Customer 360 Truth here.


    One of the Dreamforce speakers this year is Salesforce’s very own Einstein Voice, which was first introduced in the opening keynote and later made appearances all over the Dreamforce campus to demonstrate how voice-enabled AI makes getting smart business insights more seamless.

    With Einstein Voice Assistant guiding every action, insight and prediction, Salesforce users will be more productive, and the new Einstein Voice Skills will enable developers and admins to build custom voice-powered apps for employees across every role and industry, in just a matter of clicks. Get to know more of Einstein Voice and say “Hey Einstein…” here.


    Dreamforce is always filled with exciting product feature announcements and this year is no exception.

    Salesforce has launched **Content Management System Connect**, which offers the ability to reuse components from your existing Content Management System (CMS) in your Salesforce Community, saving on development time, rework, maintenance, and branding consistency. Content Management System (CMS) is a hybrid CMS designed to help you easily create and deliver content to any channel or device. Watch the Salesforce Live video here.

    And it doesn’t end there. Salesforce launched a redesigned Salesforce Mobile App and a learning app called Trailhead GO with exclusive features to Apple’s iOS and iPadOS. The Salesforce Mobile App adds Einstein artificial intelligence, analytics and integration with iOS features such as Siri and Face ID. Trailhead GO is the first mobile app for the Trailhead learning platform and will be exclusive on iOS and iPadOS, with more than 700 training modules including iOS app development tools.


    This year, Dreamforce prepared an all-star line-up of speakers on inspiration and innovation. A highlight for many was the much-anticipated fireside chat between 44th U.S. President Barack Obama and Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff. Obama shared his thoughts on values, leadership, and diversity.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook also took the stage to talk about how the Apple-Salesforce partnership ignites productivity and learning on the best devices for business and to discuss business as a platform for change. Watch the fireside chat with Tim Cook here.


    There were a lot of first-timer keynotes on Dreamforce this year, including Tableau, the leading analytics platform. With the addition of Tableau to the Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce expands its existing analytics offerings (Einstein Analytics and Datorama) to deliver the world’s most complete analytics solution for everyone, everywhere, with any data. Watch the Tableau keynote and read the press release here.


    During co-CEO Mark Benioff’s opening keynote at Dreamforce ‘19, at least 3 protesters interrupted and spoke about Salesforce’s technology sales to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has separated children from families that try to cross the border illegally.

    Even though he was stunned, he totally nailed his response. Benioff gave the protester, Julien Ball, 30 seconds to say his piece with a timer that appears on the screen on cue. “I let him stop the program and speak for 30 seconds because I value free speech in this country,” Benioff said. Read more about it here.


    The practice of mindfulness is deeply rooted in the Salesforce culture — and Dreamforce surely showed it. **Plum Village** monastics led daily meditations, mindfulness walks, and a dedicated keynote to share these practices with our customers, partners, and community.

    Many of us struggle to establish the presence of mind necessary to make life’s tough decisions, but **Deepak Chopra** said in one of the sessions that there is a way to rewire the brain and reach a sort of “metacognition” where one is aware of the present moment.

    The Huffington Post Founder, Ariana Huffington also shared the importance of meditation and mindfulness on her fireside chat with Marc Benioff. “When we take that little time to pause, reconnect with ourselves, and recharge, we are actually more effective at everything else we’re doing,” Ariana explained.

    Dreamforce ‘19 has been such an inspiring, mind-opening 4 days of learning, meeting new people, and of course, having the time of our lives. We definitely can’t wait for the next one. Don’t forget to share these takeaways with your team. See you at the next Dreamforce!

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