The Five Elements of Online Marketing

Online marketing is an important component in a company’s marketing efforts. The internet provides a venue for disseminating information, advertising a product or service, and also to interact with the target audience.

While online marketing is quite effective, the difficulty lies in what tactics to use and which ones will be the best compliment to your specific marketing efforts.

There are four main goals for doing internet marketing: drive website traffic, generate leads, convert leads into actual engagements, and finally the repeat business and referrals from these engagements.

In order to have a successful online marketing push, there are five key elements that need to be present in your plan:


Design is a very important element of online marketing. Websites are not just about content – it is also a visual medium. A user focused website is a key to online marketing success. A well-designed and easily navigable website shows customers and visitors that you’re serious about what you do. This builds trust – and with trust you can more easily convert visitors into customers.


Your content should be driven by your goals, that’s why you need to produce strategic content. Your content should be a tool to fulfill your goals. When writing content for each web page, make sure that the goal for that page is met and any tasks you want the users to take are clearly communicated.


Simplicity is an important element of successful online marketing for a very simple reason – confused users are not going to do anything. Be sure that your website is easy to use and that there are no confusing hierarchies that will just result in visitors getting lost inside your website.


Search engine optimization is an important element of online marketing. Many people are daunted by the prospect of doing SEO. But the truth of the matter is that it is not that hard to do – what it is though is time consuming. You need to identify the keywords that are important to your business and that’s what you need to work on. Provide great content, generate good quality backlinks, and work on other SEO strategies.


Google is the place to be if you want to succeed on the internet. You need to rank well on Google’s search engine and this means you have to optimize your website so that it performs well in Google. There are some things you need to do like improve load times, use Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics and have a Google Listing.

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