Salesforce Summer Highlights '20 - Sales Cloud

Salesforce Summer '20 Release Highlights: Sales Cloud

Check out what's new with Sales Cloud!


Einstein Call Coaching

Some of the most notable features in the Summer ‘20 release are for high-velocity sales. Sales managers can analyze sales calls with Einstein Call Coaching, which is a new feature available for sales managers that offers the ability to see insights and trends surfaced from sales calls. Calls are recorded and analyzed for mentions of specific keywords and phrases.

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From voice call records, managers can play call recordings and see call details, including the talk-to-listen ratio. The different colours show the participants on the call. Jump to different mentions in the call from the player (1). Click different mentions (2) to highlight and jump to specific areas of the call.

Sales managers can also add feedback (3) to help us surface the most relevant calls in the daily highlights email. This feedback goes to our system, not the sales rep on the call. Now you can analyze your sales call more accurately and efficiently!

Engagement Details

Users can now have more information quickly when sales cadence targets open an email, reply, click an email link, and more. The My Feed tab on in the Work Queue shows the last 30 days of engagements including Opens, Replies, Link Clicks and Bounces depending if your Salesforce Org has High-Velocity Sales (HVS), Inbox, Einstein Activity Capture (EAC), or a combination.

My Feed Alerts show engagements directly in the Work Queue as well, where Sales reps will receive alerts when prospects engage with tracked emails, so they can follow up immediately and can also see an alert when a record is assigned to them.


Email Threading

Salesforce works hard to help sales reps more efficient, and now Sales Cloud users can see emails between them and their prospects all in one place through email threading! This way, all email activity is organized. Users with the Use Inbox user permission, which is available with a High-Velocity Sales, Sales Cloud Einstein, or Inbox license can use this new feature.

Quick Actions for Task Queues

Salesforce also added a cool new update so sales reps can immediately add quick actions on record pages or as global actions so reps can assign tasks to queues more quickly. Now your sales reps can stay informed receiving their activity reminders as push and in-app notifications in the Salesforce mobile app and save time while collaborating with tasks!


Pardot also has new enhancements coming with the Summer ‘20 release including Einstein Attribution and a Marketing Campaign Intelligence app, as well as a number of enhancements to security, syncing, content reuse, and feature setup. These features are designed to align your marketing and sales teams more than ever.

Einstein Attribution

Salesforce has added a customized model created by Einstein learning so you can more accurately identify the most effective campaigns in your customer journeys. Einstein Attribution uses artificial intelligence to develop a data-driven model that attributes revenue share based on your actual customers and their engagement.

Access Einstein Attribution through the Einstein Attribution Setup Assistant to get started. To reveal insights on campaign and opportunity pages, make sure that Campaign Influence related lists are in place. Then, set the Data-Driven Model as your default Campaign Influence model and share the news with your sales and marketing teams!

Marketing Campaign Intelligence App

Now you can also explore Pardot and Salesforce campaign data side by side with the new Marketing Intelligence App, which brings two easy-to-read dashboards together in one place. Your team will be able to see prospect engagement data from Pardot and relevant campaign data from Salesforce in a Campaign Performance dashboard.

Sales and marketing users can also explore these dashboards or create an Einstein Discovery Story to predict methods that can optimize their plans for maximum engagement. It’s such a simpler way to find out which audience segments most often engage with their marketing campaigns, don’t you think?

The Salesforce Summer ‘20 release is such an exciting one, as it is designed for a newer way of working. We can’t wait to try these features out. Find the full release notes here for more of the new updates and check out our Service Cloud Summer ‘20 release highlights for the Service Cloud enthusiasts!

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