Successful Email Marketing Transformation and Journey for Not-for-Profit, Donations Up 3.5 Times

Successful Email Marketing Transformation and Journey for Not-for-Profit, Donations Up 3.5 Times

One in seven Christians worldwide are persecuted for their faith. In countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, India, and China, Christians are persecuted and discriminated against for following Jesus. They are denied access to jobs and education, and excluded from aid and community resources. Many are attacked and abused. Churches are demolished, and their properties are destroyed.

Recognising their plight, Open Doors works in over 70 countries to support Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

Since 1955, Open Doors has been helping people all over the world follow Jesus, no matter the cost. They provide valuable support by strengthening the persecuted church, providing discipleship, emergency relief, and community development.

Key objectives

Open Doors was nearing the end of their financial year and needed to raise more donations in order to move their mission forward. They also wanted to get better engagement with the emails they are sending out to their subscribers. The organisation engaged AFDigital to take over their email journeys to maximise return on investment.

What AFDigital Did

AFDigital segmented the types of donors based on their amount of donations, enabling them to tailor their messaging and provide dynamic content for each of the segmented audiences. The team created three (3) journeys, with each email being sent several days apart to ensure maximum reach and to encourage more donations. For the month of June alone, there were a total of 12 emails sent, which all helped Open Doors get more engagement from their audience. To get the best results, AFDigital also did testing and experimented with email send out. For instance, sending out an email on a weekend to check if it will make a difference with email engagement.

Throughout the engagement, the AFDigital team provided excellent project management and ongoing support. We made sure that the Open Doors team was constantly updated with the progress of all the efforts that were put in place, which allowed them to adapt throughout the project.

The Results

With these efforts in place, Open Doors had a whopping 3.5 times more donations from their EOFY campaign alone - significantly higher than the donations that they got from their next best performing campaign this year. Additionally, the average conversion rate for their EOFY campaign increased by an impressive 200%, with all of their emails having over 30% open rate. The segmented and optimised journey that we created for them can be re-used for future campaigns, which is another valuable impact of the engagement. All these amazing results, on top of Open Doors gaining knowledge on the industry best practices for email marketing for not-for-profit organisations, will definitely help their future fundraising efforts.

Working with AFDigital

“From the start of the project AFDigital gave us insight into best practice for Journey Builder and non-profit email marketing, and created a segmented and optimised journey that we can re-use for our future campaigns. Their project management has been the best we’ve experienced, managing with clear accountability and progress updates, allowing us to adapt throughout the project.”

-Emma Rogers, Digital Director

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