Successful Digital Transformation for HLS, Achieves Record-Breaking Pre-Order Sales Within Weeks of Website Launch

Successful Digital Transformation for HLS, Achieves Record-Breaking Pre-Order Sales Within Weeks of Website Launch

More than six million people die every year from sudden cardiac arrest worldwide, and more than 80 per cent of these deaths happen at home. The chances of survival stand low at less than 1 per cent. This is what Rapid Response Revival wants to change.

Rapid Response Revival (RRR) is a medical technology development company focused on transforming the automated external defibrillator (AED) market. The company is dedicated to the development of innovative AED solutions that make portable defibrillation affordable, accessible and effective for use by bystanders in the event of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), with limited medical or first aid experience.

RRR is on a mission to increase the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest around the world by making defibrillators accessible to every home. For RRR to better fulfill this mission, they have decided to leverage technology and undergo a digital transformation.

The Challenge

Rapid Response Revival’s digital transformation journey includes launching its website and Salesforce CRM with ready to take orders.

The company wanted to build a scalable foundation IT system architecture for customer relationship management that will support the global growth and scale of the business; and rapidly integrate, launch and iterate their Salesforce platform investment to deliver ROI.

The Solution

RRR has engaged with AFDigital to help with their digital transformation. AFDigital laid out a project plan that includes 3x phases. The first scope covered Discovery Workshops to better understand the company’s needs, Launch Strategy to manage risks and create a business continuity plan, Salesforce CRM integration to manage data, orders, cases, leads, etc. in one place, website implementation to manage product catalogue, shopping cart, subscription, etc., and Social Studio enablement to enable the company to publish posts, engage better, and check analytics.

Phase 2 covered further website development, Sales and Service Cloud integration, and Journey Builder implementation. The project’s Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 2 with the addition of Partner Experience & Customer Experience Cloud.

The project aims to cover all aspects Rapid Response Revival needs to achieve digital transformation.

The Results

Rapid Response Revival was able to successfully launch CellAED, an innovative portable automated external defibrillator for home, community, and business use, in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world, in a short span of time.

Prior to the project, the company has no resources to do the work needed. AFDigital was able to assemble everything quickly and hit the ground running. The engagement covers 3x phases, each phase undergoing rapid deployment enabling RRR to have their CellAED websites live and ready to take pre-orders across Europe, Australia, the UK, and other parts of the world in less than 5 months since the project started.

Although the product is a new category in the marketplace, Rapid Response Revival has seen great results after their websites were launched. The CellAED AU website alone generated record-breaking pre-order sales weeks after its launch, with 1,200 customers placing 4,500 unit pre-orders during the first six months (vs 20k across all competitors in the AU market).

The quick and agile process helped RRR continue its mission of increasing the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest worldwide by providing people access to rapid defibrillation.

Aside from the rapid deployment, another business impact is RRR being able to run a full suite of end to end platforms to further amplify their digital transformation. The project utilises Salesforce CRM, Social Studio, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to leverage the work that’s been done. Automation also plays a key role in every step of the customer journey.

The e-commerce platform implemented through Salesforce and StoreConnect enabled RRR to manage customer queues and end to end delivery of products.

Aside from launching the platform, there was also the Welcome journey, where new customers are welcomed and introduced to the CellAED mission, and the Empowered Series, where RRR keeps customers engaged while waiting for deliveries of their devices through relevant content that helps them become prepared and act confident when sudden cardiac arrest strikes.

Working with AFDigital

“AFDigital were not just pitching a generic idea to us. You certainly showed us what you’ve done for other organisations but it was actually that ability to really understand what we needed to do that made us decide to be partners in this journey. The solutions were developed with us in mind. The other really important thing was because we had a very small team, we’re including a business analyst and project manager which typically you would want to have on the client side of the fence. Because we had to move so quickly, AFDigital brought all these resources to the table very quickly and that was critical in terms of getting it there and getting the journey started.”

-Mark Hillebrand, CMO

CSAT Rating

Learn more about their transformation journey and key project success from RRR’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark Hillebrand in an interview with AFDigital Managing Director Pauline Pangan here.

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