Success Story

CRM and 1:1 Journeys for Online News Outlet

About the Client:

The Squiz is a free weekday email with a uniquely Australian take on the news headlines. Independent of all news outlets, they are committed to agenda- and opinion-free news—your shortcut to being informed.


The Squiz are quickly becoming a popular news source and with their growth, they would like to invest in long-term strategic customer engagement technology.

What We Did

AFDigital worked closely with The Squiz to implement Sales Cloud as the foundation for all the company’s data, setup Marketing Cloud to enable them to send smarter 1:1 email communications, and put their audience into journeys to ensure maximum lifetime engagement and value. Our team also created a Refer-a-Friend page and journey to allow users to refer up to 5 friends at a time with their information to continually increase the brand’s reach and engagement.

In 2019, The Squiz signed another project with us to create a Saturday Squiz option on top of their regular email sends, as well as to build their unsubscribe reason landing page so the brand can clearly track unsubscribes.

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