Salesforce Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service lets you provide personalized customer service on social with the same quality you do on other channels. Now, companies can:

Listen and respond to the right conversations###

Using Social Customer Service, you can effectively listen to relevant mentions across social media. You can easily automate the creation of cases by properly defining the keywords that you want to listen to. This enables you to filter out noise and gather mentions that needs to be responded to as soon as possible.

Route cases to the right person###

Social Customer Service enables you to assign cases to people that are right for the job. You can configure Service Cloud in a way that it would assign a specific type of case to a person. For example, it’s possible to assign all complaints to be handled by a specific person. This makes the business workflow well defined and it adds a layer of strategy in handling such type of issues.

Easily see one view of your customer including contact details, recent history and previous cases###

Service Cloud can store key details about a customer giving you a complete picture of who that person is. All important information about the customer can be easily seen in Service Cloud giving you more context about the person.

Access knowledge articles to help agents solve cases quicker###

In Service Cloud, you can access a Knowledge Base wherein you will have more context in solving cases. You can search for related cases or issues to provide a much deeper background enabling an agent to solve a case much quicker and effective.

Respond to social posts right inside the agent console###

You can easily respond to customers using Service Cloud. This enables you to respond much quicker to customers and eliminates cross platform engagement altogether.

Deliver a better customer experience with timely and personalized conversations###

Because of the rich context Service Cloud provides inside a case, this enables the agent to respond to a customer in a way that is tailored to the customer.

Access key metrics across all channels to measure top complaints###

Dashboards in Service Cloud allows you to see key metrics and measure your performance in responding to cases. You can easily get an overview of the number of complaints or issues that your brand receives and how well your agents are responding to them.

Reduce response time and improve first-contact resolution###

Social Customer Service works real time and allows you to gather mentions within a short span of time. You can easily respond to these issues and easily resolve the inquiries or complaints of your customers.

Build loyalty and retain customers by creating a positive sentiment to improve overall net promoter score###

With the right customer relationship management execution, you can easily gain the trust of your customers and further solidify your online presence. This is all possible through Social Customer Service. Given all the benefits of Social Customer Service, you can further elevate your brand within the social space and create more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Watch the Social Customer Service Feature Demo below:

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