Salesforce Transformation for Retail Brand SkinKandy

Salesforce Transformation for Retail Brand SkinKandy

SkinKandy, Australia’s largest specialist body piercing and body jewellery company, are growing rapidly and want to implement strategic technology architecture to provide exceptional customer experience and offer automated omnichannel booking services as they scale and expand globally. The key to achieving these goals? Undergoing a Salesforce transformation.

SkinKandy believes every piercing is a special experience. To make each experience worth remembering, they want to deliver smarter and more seamless customer journeys across touchpoints — from booking an appointment to shopping for products and services online. 

AFDigital enabled them to offer these and more by building a well-defined Salesforce transformation journey.

Key Objectives

SkinKandy needed help with their digital transformation journey, specifically with achieving a single customer view, automating customer journey, creating a booking system for their stores, and automating their booking processes. 

What AFDigital Did

AFDigital worked closely with Skinkandy to implement Salesforce CRM, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud in 3x distinct phases: 

  1. Discovery, Architecture and Design, 
  2. CRM Integration and Email Marketing, and 
  3. Omnichannel Marketing. 

SkinKandy’s Salesforce Transformation phase covers the integration of different data sources from different systems to Salesforce. These integrations include getting customer information, products, orders, and order line items from various e-commerce applications such as WooCommerce and Vend for the Customer. 

AFDigital also enabled SkinKandy to offer smarter booking experiences for every customer and increase efficiency with systematic booking management across all stores through Salesforce. 

To achieve these goals, AFDigital worked closely with SkinKandy to implement Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud with extended support for the brand through TeamX Assist to boost their digital transformation. During the project, AFDigital also kickstarted SkinKandy’s Community Cloud, booking automation, and omnichannel services so they can build smarter and seamless customer journeys. 

A series of journeys were created which SkinKandy doesn’t have in place before. These are:

  1. Booking Appointment Confirmation Journey 
  2. Post Piercing Journey 
  3. Contact VIP Journey
  4. Retention Journey
  5. Birthday Journey 

These Journeys were created to enhance the customers’ experience and keep SkinKandy top of mind. 

The Results

SkinKandy were able to reduce time in bookings and provide its customers with an enhanced Journey that saw greater reviews from its loyal customers. The brand achieved significant increase in Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value in the first 12 months, and grow its database by 128% in just a year.

Working with AFDigital

AFDigital guided SkinKandy throughout their Salesforce transformation journey and extended support for the brand through TeamX Assist. When asked about their experience working with AFDigital, this is what SkinKandy has to say:

We're a high volume service based retailer with 32 store fronts and growing in Australia. As a business, we knew what we wanted to achieve with Service Cloud and CRM to achieve our specific customer experience goals and connected store experiences. Being able to digest the information provided and return considered recommendations and solutions and bring this all to life across Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, really is the strength of working with AFDigital. The key benefits for me in working with AFDigital is the speed in which projects can develop, test and deploy, and then ongoing support. They really are the extension of the team here.

— Paul Hellmrich, Marketing Manager, SkinKandy

AFDigital have had a great relationship with SkinKandy as we helped them build smarter customer journeys and achieve business growth through the Salesforce technology. 

We remain steadfast in enabling organisations no matter what industry they’re in digitally transform their business. We’re here to help you in your journey! Contact us so we can start planning and strategising your Salesforce transformation today!

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