Salesforce Summer '22 Highlights: What's New with Marketing Cloud?

Exciting updates for Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 allows users to enrich Engagement analysis with Data Extensions, expand activation capabilities to personalise digital experiences, deliver 1-1 personalised experiences in the moments that matter, and predict how your next email send will impact engagement, among others.

Tess Colman, AFDigital’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, shares the key points for this release:


Customers with Intelligence Reports Advanced will now be able to add Data Extensions (DEs) and query them with Engagement data. This enables you to join audience attributes from DEs with subscriber-level and aggregate data already available, then create swift, codeless queries to give you access to deeper insights.

This feature lets you add up to 30 DEs to your Queries and opitmise future messaging based on performance by audience attributes. You also get to understand the structure and rows of your Data Extensions with standalone queries.

Customer Data Platform

With the new release, marketers can now send additional customer profile information to marketing platforms, such as Marketing Cloud Engagement. This enhances personalised communications and leverages mobile push as an activation contact point.

This lets you expand personalisation capabilities for messaging and journeys, as well as connect data from across the enterprise. You also get to meet customers on your preferred channels, increasing marketing reach and flexibility by activating data from Customer Data Platform to Mobile Push contact points to drive personalised mobile messages.


Triggered Campaign Messages joins together the best of Marketing Cloud Personalisation with the powerful outbound communication engine of Journey Builder in delivering personalised, relevant messages across numerous channels based on deep, contextual customer behaviour - all in real time. This lets you respond in real time to moments that matter and connect with prospects and customers while they’re engaged/ It also lets you build customer intent, allowing you to listen deeply and measure the amount of time someone spends on your site. You can also use powerful real-time segmentation and AI to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences.


Export cleansed and harmonised marketing data into your marketing database, easily. Unlock value in your enterprise data strategy and create an audit-proof system by using Database Exports to export your data into your database of choice.

This lets you automate marketing data into your database and enhance enterprise-wide analytics with marketing insights for deeper analysis and insights. You can also backup the data you have in Intelligence in your preferred database.


One of the key features of this release is the Einstein Engagement Frequency What-If Analyser which lets you predict how your next email send will impact your engagement. This ensures that you avoid giving your subscribers email fatigue by sending the right number of emails, letting you plan ahead. You also get to visually test multiple frequency scenarios to understand how additional messages affect your overall engagement over time, and plan your upcoming campaigns easily by maximising On-Target contacts.

Account Engagement

Deliver personalised experiences using conditional logic in completion updates, allowing you to get even more granular with personalisation on emails, forms, and other assets by only triggering follow-up actions if a prospect meets a certain set of criteria.

This update lets you suppress completion actions from firing for certain groups, easily assign prospects to the correct user, and route leads for more personalised journeys.

Read the full Marketing Cloud Summer ‘22 Release notes here.

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