Salesforce Spring ‘21 Highlights: What’s new with Service Cloud?

Improved functionalities for Einstein Recommendation Builder and Field Service Appointment Assistant are some of the exciting updates for Service Cloud. They’re taking efficiency to a whole new level with the wide array of enhanced features. Check out these highlights to look out for:


Build confidence in Einstein Bots with an error handler system dialog and the ability to show data from Salesforce records.Einstein Article Recommendations scorecard helps to identify where a user can improve data in the predictive model. Enable Einstein to recommend chat replies based on fewer closed chat transcripts. Multiple language support for Bot inputs and other Einstein for Service features paves the way for a wider global reach.


Work more efficiently with advanced maintenance recurrence to create maintenance work rules for individual assets on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring schedules. Managers are able to quickly create and assign the usual shifts using shift patterns to define recurring schedules. Match the right types of appointments to the right resource by adding scheduling criteria to shifts.


Get your contact center up and running quickly with a faster and more automated Voice setup. Customers will be provided the option to request for a callback instead of waiting on hold. Voice will now be integrated with High-Velocity Sales to enable sales representatives reach more customers. The new metadata option enables users to link messaging templates to specific channels.


Configuring initial Knowledge setup is made easy and quickly with Service Setup Assistant. Add text captions to images for screen readers. Previously attached files will remain when adding articles with attachments to emails. Users may also view the latest version of a favorite article when it has been updated.


When a call wraps up, agents often need time to go over their notes, send an email, or update a work item. After Conversation Work (ACW) can help specify how much time to allot for agents before they’re able to take on another task. The ACW pilot is available for Voice Call channels.


Choose your org’s default From address for certain Case-related notifications. Customize prebuilt ones to skip the tricky setup process. Use Interaction Layout Assignment to restrict users from viewing profiles they don’t own. Create Macros across tabs without switching back and forth from Lightning App builder using tab switching. An extended enforcement date for the Winter ‘21 Email-to-Case Release update gives admins more time to prepare their orgs.


Keep your org more secure with profile filtering for CTI users.

The Call Centers Details page shows only the number of Call Center users to comply with the Salesforce security practice of limiting the visibility of user profiles. Only admin users have access to view the user profiles of other users when profile filtering is enabled. While other users can see the number of users, they cannot view the profiles.

Check out the full release notes here to know more about the latest in Service Cloud:

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