Salesforce Spring ‘21 Highlights: What’s new with Sales Cloud?

The featured packed CRM just got bigger and better with boosted functionalities to increase productivity. From convenient meetings to high-velocity sales, and enhanced cloud Einstein, these Sales Cloud updates make the perfect tools to your arsenal.


Boost interactions with prospects and customers with supplementary tools that promote better meeting experience and engagement. Consolidating information and notes from your minutes of the meeting is now made easier with the Meeting Digest which helps keep track of the attendees, agenda, and relevant activities. The Meeting Studio amplifies your virtual meeting experience with a unique camera and presentation view to help keep attendees engaged.


Call Coaching can now be used with video calls, creation of call collections, and provides a better view of information on the dashboards. Users can leverage sales cadences on any top sales object at any stage of the sales cycle. You can use sales cadences with opportunities, deactivate sales cadences, and be more specific about who can change target assignees.

Note that High Velocity Sales and its features are available for an extra cost. Contact your Salesforce account executive for more information on the pricing details. Sales Dialer is also available for an extra cost as an add-on license.


You may now enable Einstein Opportunity Scoring even with a lesser data set. Einstein uses global scoring models that use collected data to allow everyone to score their opportunities. Once you have enough of your own data, this prompts Einstein to switch to a scoring model built only with that data.

Einstein Lead Scoring is now made more intuitively in storing fields. In the previous version, it stored the list of lead fields to exclude from the scoring model. You may now add new custom lead fields to the list used by the scoring model in Setup when you enable Einstein Lead Scoring.


Mobile forecast adjustments, increased flexibility on information tracking for opportunity products, and more options for lead conversion are the main highlights for the updated features. Package providers are set with more options for configuring order save behavior, and original territory management is scheduled for retirement.

Forecasting made accessible from anywhere using the Salesforce mobile app to view and make necessary adjustments.


Streamlining emails and email templates can make significant changes and boost productivity. Users are now able to follow up with a customer if an email was either soft bounced or hard bounced and they can schedule an email when it’s a threaded back-and-forth discussion. The Insert Availability feature allows users to automatically add Zoom meeting links to meetings scheduled.

Lightning email templates, including those built using Email Template Builder, can be conveniently shared with managed packages and changed sets. These templates may also come in handy for automations such as email alerts. Email Template Builder also enables you to duplicate existing components instead of starting from scratch.


Legacy versions of the Inbox Chrome extension will no longer be supported starting March 31, 2021. This includes Inbox features such as Email Tracking and Insert Availability. Inbox features are available in the Gmail integration with Inbox. Users can add Zoom links to meetings generated using the Insert Availability function in the Gmail integration with Inbox.

If you see an envelope icon beside inbox, it means legacy version is still running.


Legacy versions of the Inbox Outlook add-in including Email Tracking and Insert availability are being retired on March 31, 2021. Inbox features are available in the Outlook integration with Inbox. Users can add Zoom links to meetings generated using the Insert Availability function in the Outlook integration with Inbox. If you’re currently using Lightning Sync on Microsoft Office 365, make sure you’re ready for Microsoft retirement of Basic Authentication in 2021.

These feature packed Sales Cloud updates will enhance interactions, productivity, efficiency, and will help build stronger connections among prospects and customers.

If you want to see more information on these new highlights, check out the full release notes here:

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