Salesforce Spring '20 Highlights - Service Cloud

Check out what's new with Service Cloud!

Salesforce Spring '20 Release Highlights: Service Cloud

The Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release will be globally available starting 17 February 2020 and we can’t wait to use all the cool new innovations that Salesforce has innovated for us! While we wait for all the new features to be available, get a first look on these new enhancements — starting with Service Cloud!


Like we always say, Einstein is getting smarter and smarter every new release. Einstein’s newest feature is the Einstein Article Recommendations, which uses data from past cases to identify Knowledge articles that are most likely to help your agents address customer inquiries.

Agents can now also use Einstein Reply Recommendations analyzes data from chat transcripts to create chat replies that address your customers’ inquiries. Agents select the most relevant chat reply from a list in the Lightning Service Console as they communicate with customers. Now your agents can resolve cases even quicker!


Help your team work more efficiently through the new global actions in the Field Service Lightning mobile app so the team can create a new work order or asset or launch a mobile extension right from the homepage. Now you can build smarter schedules with enhanced optimization, set up ad hoc shifts, improve your field service wellness through an enhanced Health Check, and so much more!


One of the coolest new features in this release is the Channel Menu, where you can provide customers with an easy way to access multiple support channels by embedding the menu to your website. Let them choose their preferred one from a single location without having to search for a “Contact Us” page.

Make the customer experience even better! You can show the estimated time a customer has to wait for an agent, include Whatsapp to your list of available channels, and more.


Duplicate cases won’t be a problem for agents anymore — they can now use Case Merge to combine similar cases for better service. In the Cases list view, an escalation icon indicates which cases are escalated, so agents can prioritize cases more easily.

There is so much more to anticipate in the Spring ‘20 Release for Service Cloud. Build a better, holistic customer experience through great service. Discover the full release notes for Service Cloud here!

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