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Salesforce Spring '20 Release Highlights: Sales Cloud

Salesforce has a LOT in store for its customers this Spring ‘20 release and we at AFDigital definitely can’t wait for all the features to be available starting 17 February. Here’s the low-down of what new things to expect for Salesforce Sales Cloud, the world’s #1 CRM.


High-Velocity Sales is now more powerful — thanks to a bunch of new enhancements. Sales managers can now branch sales cadences based on email engagement. Sales reps can schedule email send dates and times, while managers and reps can see more details in High Velocity Sales reports and dashboards. But that’s not the end of it!


Einstein Opportunity Scoring is available to all eligible Sales Cloud users, and new filters on opportunity products speed up the process of creating opportunities! Salesforce also now supports 6 more territory forecast types, which you can edit inline.

You can also use Process Builder, Flow Builder, and workflow rules to automate key processes for opportunity contact roles. And get this: you can now capture more lead data about leads generated from LinkedIn by mapping LinkedIn consent and hidden fields to custom lead fields in Salesforce, giving sales reps access to important data.


Your sales reps are on their way to increased productivity with several new features! They can now schedule an email to arrive at the perfect day and time through Email Scheduling — and list emails are easier to write now that reps can save a draft and come back to their work. With Email Threading, reps can see an entire conversation in one place, without getting lost in the replies and side conversations. And reps can now efficiently share work items by assigning tasks to a queue. Working as a team has never been more simple and efficient!


Now you can forecast or recognize revenue through any point in your quote-to-cash lifecycle through Recognition Reports. Build reports that display live revenue information from anywhere in Salesforce, such as in quotes, orders, invoices, and more. This makes it easier for sales and finance to align around revenue targets.

More Spring ‘20 features await you, including enhancements to Gmail and Microsoft Integrations, Pardot, Sales Cloud Einstein, and more! Read the full release notes for the Spring ‘20 Sales Cloud Release here!

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