Salesforce Social Studio June 2016 Release Notes

Being the most powerful tool in maintaining customer engagement in different social channels, Salesforce is stirring up excitement with something new for its Social Media Management solution, Social Studio.

So what’s there to be excited about? See what it has to offer by reading this month’s updates.


Social Studio has shareable dashboards across workspaces. Any changes made are automatically updated for everyone, so sharing information between teams is much easier.

Gaining insights in interactions between your teams and customers have become smoother with Social Studio’s engagement drilldown in workbenches, displaying workflow metrics like:

-Assignment – which employee has been assigned a post

-Classification – customer care, lead, legal

-Status – reviewed, closed, commented, awaiting reply

Workbenches, like Dashboards, have become more flexible because dataset filtering enables you to change parameters instantly so you can compare data more comprehensively. Filter data by media type, languages and more!


With the amount of people sharing information on social media regularly, it isn’t a surprise that a lot of it becomes unnoticed. Take note of these points so you can publish posts that make lasting impressions.

-Photo publishing on LinkedIn – Create highly engaging rich media by attaching a .jpeg or .png image to posts.

-Shared Content Labels – Organise shared content more efficiently by tagging it with its corresponding campaign label, making it viewable to anyone with access.

-Drafts on Calendar – Scheduled drafts appear on your calendar and are viewable with other drafts in a single screen so you can organise work more productively.

-Multi-photo Tweets – Produce highly engaging creative content by creating tweets with up to four images, an animated gif, or a video. Maximising these features gives you more creative control over your campaigns.

Improved Link Scraper – Social Studio just took it up a notch because now, you can scrape more pages, social media links, and JavaScript based websites.


Social Studio enables you to use images to enhance the quality of your replies on Twitter. Not only that, it also lets you view the last 7 days of direct messages with your customer, making it easier to respond to them. Influential scores and sentiment ratings now appear in posts, helping you gain customer insights at the post level. You can prioritise which tweets to respond to, and ultimately keep that engagement rolling throughout your customer’s journey.


Now you can generate even more workflow as Social Studio lets you build threshold alerts through Social Automation Interface. Plus, filtering out noise is a breeze because you can label posts that only include @mentions.


Getting in the loop of discussions is much simpler by viewing and clicking Facebook @mentions on posts as well as publishing multiple images on Twitter—all withjust your smartphone and tablet!


Social Studio’s Marketing Command Centre now displays your customer Journey screen alongside Email Screen, Customer Care Screen, and Social Screens. Seeing all these elements in one screen lets you analyse overall performance of campaigns and their impact on customers.

Salesforce Social Studio aims to continuously improve so you can build customer relationships that last. Excited? We are, too. Contact us at to start building your customer journeys.

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