Salesforce Social Studio

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio connects your marketing, service, and sales teams to your customers through social channels to build meaningful relationships.

Marketing teams can:##

-Discover what customers and prospects are saying about their brand, products, and competitors

-Analyze their sentiment and see where the conversations are happening, giving them a way to dive deeper and take immediate action

-Collaboratively plan social campaigns

-Add new content with integrated partner apps for accessing photos, trending news, or other high-quality media

-Use a built-in photo editor to customize images for your campaign

-Set up an approval workflow so way your brand is always protected

-Share the highest performing pre-approved content for other teams to use, allowing them to personalize them for their needs

-Engage in the conversation across all social and brand channels in one app

-Respond to issues and route them to Service Cloud

Service agents can:##

-Receive all social cases alongside other support channels

-Get access to a knowledge base in quick text

-Respond right back into the social channel and resolve issues

Sales reps can:##

-be notified about social conversations right in sales cloud

-interact with prospects to create new sales opportunities

Learn more below:##

Every social interaction becomes part of your company’s 360 degree view of the customer. Finally, you can focus on your company’s entire social media strategy in one app–with Social Studio. Contact us today.

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