Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2021 Release: Review by MC Technical Architect David Robuck

Everything is done digitally nowadays, which means businesses should deliver quick, seamless, and scalable solutions to their customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers businesses to do just that, enabling them to know, personalise, and engage across every customer touchpoint. We at AFDigital have helped numerous companies achieve the results they desire through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which is why we are excited whenever the platform rolls out product updates and releases.  Marketing Cloud Technical Architect David Robuck shares his thoughts on the latest Marketing Cloud release. But first, here’s a quick introduction. 

David's career has revolved around developing highly personalised journeys that cover the entire customer lifecycle. He is focused on designing solutions and strategic roadmaps that align technology with business priorities. 

Before joining AFDigital, he created the Marketing Automation team of a leading travel experience provider. Under his leadership, their team successfully implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud while pushing the technical boundaries of the platform.

Read on David’s insights on the latest Marketing Cloud updates and learn what features he loves best. 

Lead Capture now supports Google Ads

The updated Lead Capture app now works with Google lead ad forms on top of the existing Facebook support. The new app will be available in the AppExchange for installation in Marketing Cloud or Sales. This makes lead onboarding and enrichment easier for the marketer with no complicated processes or coding required.

Orchestrate journeys based on in-app events 

Another highlight is the update to the MobilePush SDK to orchestrate journeys based on user behavior with Mobile App Events. This allows you to let user behavior trigger journey entries and in-app messages, or hold customers in a wait activity until they interact with a push notification. Of course, making sense of the data becomes even more important as more possibilities are added, and the new Journey History interface can help with this. The revised MobilePush SDK architecture now also supports Interaction Studio, so you will no longer need a separate SDK. And speaking of Interaction Studio…

Customize the customer journey using Interaction Studio 

With the Interaction Studio Journey Builder Activity, you can send the current customer journey context (such as identities, attributes, and actions) to Interaction Studio to inform further personalisation campaigns such as a web banner. Journey Builder alerts Interaction Studio that a customer is on a journey, while Interaction Studio customises any digital touchpoints that each customer has with your brand (such as your mobile app, website, and call center). These interactions are then connected to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Get more reliable data via updated Einstein Apps 

As you may have heard, the email marketing world is changing fast as new customer privacy options disrupt classic tracking methods like email open pixels. Marketing Cloud has updated the suite of Einstein apps with new algorithms that use blended engagement metrics to help you understand the customer behaviour in this new landscape.  This change applies to these Einstein apps:

Some other great new features for Einstein include

These are just some of the awesome updates to the Marketing Cloud platform. Learn more about Marketing Cloud’s new product features in the full release notes. The Marketing Cloud October 21 Release occurs October 16 through October 23, 2021. Some features are made available to your instance within a week of the release. Need help exploring Marketing Cloud and its awesome product features? Let us help you — send us a message and talk to us!

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