Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Journey Builder

With Journey Builder from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can plan, personalize and optimize customer journeys to reach every customer at the right moment on the right channel.

Now, you can:

-Define key moments to easily build the most relevant campaigns

-Plan every interaction across the entire customer lifecycle

-Select the targeted audience and create unique journeys based on how that audience interacts with your business

-Choose what channels to send messages from email, sms, and push notifications to web and social advertising placements

-Reach customers on any device

-Apply random splits to test the performance of different messages and channels or assign engagement splits to connect with customers who have responded in different ways

-Create personalized journeys based activity on sales cloud and service cloud like adding a task, converting leads to context, or opening service cases for seamless experiences, regardless of who in your organization has interacted with the customer

-Select your goals and follow the progress in real time of activity metrics

-Automatically adapt for every customer with predictive intelligence

-Make any journey possible by connecting your customer touch points across marketing, sales and service like delivery confirmations, cross off promotional emails and even product adoption and employee on-boarding

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Own your customer experience by providing one seamless relationship across every interaction with Journey Builder from Salesforce.

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