AFDigital Acquires Evergage

Salesforce Acquires Evergage, The Leading Personalisation and CDP

Salesforce prides itself as the fastest-growing software company in the world — dominating the industry one acquisition at a time — and they are not stopping anytime soon. The latest addition to Salesforce’s already extensive list of acquired businesses is Evergage, a leading cloud-based software that allows users to collect, analyze, and respond to user behavior on their websites and web applications in real-time.

Evergage announced the completion of the acquisition on their blog on 3 February, accelerating Salesforce’s efforts to offer enhanced personalization solutions to its thousands of customers.

Positioning itself as a “real-time personalization and customer data platform,” Evergage provides the one platform needed to build a single, comprehensive view of each customer and prospect and activate that data to deliver maximally relevant, individualised experiences across touchpoints and at scale. Evergage earned numerous awards in 2019, most recently being named “CDP of the Year” and “Personalisation Tech Solution of the Year” in the inaugural Rele Awards.


Businesses today recognize that success depends on customers having great experiences. And for Evergage, the key to a great customer experience is making each customer feel special, remembered, understood, and delighted.

Founded in 2010 and based in Somerville, MA, Evergage has been developing their platform non-stop to empower marketers and developers to work together to integrate and synthesize disparate data, extract insights, make real-time decisions and truly engage audience members.

The company provides ecommerce, demand generation, account-based marketing, content publishing, and customer success solutions to its customers through:

It is Evergage’s mission to delight their visitors, prospects, and customers every day, building valuable relationships that lead to greater revenues and customer loyalty.


Salesforce is on a never-ending quest to provide the best 360-degree cloud solutions to its customers and part of their goals is to enhance their personalisation and CDP platforms. With the acquisition of Evergage, Salesforce product owners could look forward to innovating a new space within CRMs and Customer Support Management for omnichannel commerce as Evergage caters to a wide array of industries in the omnichannel market, including:

Salesforce is also expected to boost its AI capabilities with the Evergage acquisition, as Salesforce’s AI assistant, Einstein, will sync with Evergage’s AI and Machine Learning. The powerful Salesforce-Evergage combination will be a step up for Marketing and Sales companies that are looking to make sense of in-depth Behavioral data, Machine Learning algorithms and Predictive Analytics with data from existing CRM systems.

Google Analytics 360 will also work well with Evergage, as the latter has already made the seamless integration with Google Analytics back in 2015, making it possible for marketers using Google Analytics as their primary analytics tool for tracking Web visitors to also track the behavior of those receiving personalized experiences — ultimately enabling marketers to have more complete information and make better decisions about their digital strategies.

“Our real-time, cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities complement Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s robust customer data, audience segmentation and engagement platform, enabling companies to deliver more relevant experiences during moments of interaction across the entire customer journey,” Evergage CEO and co-founder Karl Wirth wrote in his blog post.


AFDigital, the multi-cloud Salesforce partner in APAC, takes on learning the latest Salesforce upgrades as soon as we can, and this is no exception. Our company is thrilled to learn more about Evergage and how we can incorporate this new platform to deliver even more personalised 1:1 customer journeys for our clients.

“I’m very excited with the acquisition of Evergage for all our customers. It will provide an enhanced real time 1:1 personalisation experience, allowing companies to understand its customers more and provide relevant content at the right time — essentially taking the guesswork out of what they should be sending and at the same time increasing ROI.”

— Paul Cheing
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice Director

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