Radian6 Languages and Data Coverage

Salesforce Radian6 leads the industry in breadth and depth of coverage of social sites and social metrics. Radian6 takes pride in providing the industry’s best, broadest, deepest, most relevant, and timely social media coverage to their clients.

-Over half a billion posts scoured from 1 billion+ social media sources every day, growing at 5M new sources every week -Data archive of over 220+ billion posts dating back to 2008* -Growing at 1.2 billion news posts every week -Best in industry coverage of Social Media Analytics -Not just current snapshots, but analytics trends dating back to 2008 -Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer and Twitter Certified Partner -Quantity without sacrificing quality: state-of-the-art noise and spam filtering -Web Analytics Integration for enabling ROI measurement (Omniture, Google Analytics, WebTrends)


-The full Twitter Firehose of public Tweets -Comprehensive Facebook coverage – owned pages as well as public discussions around your brands -Largest Chinese microblogging sites – Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo -Millions of blog sites including WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Ameba -Hundreds of thousands of top online news sites including CNN, BBC, New York Times, and Huffington Post -450+ video and image sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr -Nearly one million forums and discussions boards -LinkedIn Open Groups -“Buy/sell” sites including eBay and Craigslist -We continue to grow our coverage through strategic partnerships, proactive analysis, automatic content discovery mechanisms and, of course, customer feedback.

Identify and analyze conversations about your company, products, and competitors with the leading social media monitoring and engagement tools. With Radian6, social media becomes actionable across your organization, with the broadest coverage, social and workflow metrics, and integrations with web analytics and salesforce.com. Route important insights to sales, customer service, PR, and community managers for outreach and engagement.


Marketing Cloud pulls in content from all regions of the world and currently tracks content in 26 languages:

-Danish -Dutch -English -Finnish -French -German -Greek -Hindi -Hungarian -Indonesian -Italian -Japanese -Korean -Malay -Norwegian -Polish -Portuguese -Romanian -Russian -Simplified Chinese -Spanish -Swedish -Tagalog (Filipino) -Thai -Traditional Chinese -Turkish

Non-English keywords can be included in the Topic Profile and pulled into the Dashboard, allowing for mentions from non-English websites to be available for analysis and reporting.


-Estonian -Catalan -Sorbian -Czech -Icelandic -Vietnamese -Albanian -Transliterated Arabic -Bulgarian -Croatian -Latvian -Lithuanian -Macedonian -Transliterated Pashto -Transliterated Serbian -Slovak -Slovenian -Somali -Ukrainian -Transliterated Urdu -Transliterated Uzbek

Customers can segment by these partially-supported languages within Radian6 Dashboard widgets, although not at the Topic Profile Configuration level.

Radian6 performs rigorous content analysis prior to supporting a new language to ensure high quality content coverage. Simply because a competitor advertises more languages, doesn’t mean they have broader coverage. Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive coverage for languages. For us, covering a language means actively monitoring most prominent social media sources in that language, not just supporting it for correct language classification.


Radian6 Insights complements our vast data coverage by enhancing these online conversations with meaningful insights. Insights help customers understand which social posts matter most so they can prioritize responses and route these posts to the right people in the organization. Our Insights partners provide important conversation indicators like demographics, trends, intent, multi-language sentiment, and more.

Partners include best of breed providers like Klout, LeadSift, Lymbix, OpenCalais,TrendSpottr and more. We’re always expanding our Insight offerings based on customers’ needs.

*This article was also on: https://www.afdigital.com/radian6-languages-data-coverage/

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