Pauline Pangan At World Marketing Summit

AFDigital's Pauline Pangan at the World Marketing Summit Philippines 2020

Technology has become intertwined with the everyday lives of humans, and organisations are now left with one question: how do they cope with the ever-growing expectations of this hyper-connected society?
"It’s not a matter of whether you have to accept [technology] but how quickly you could adapt and take advantage of the availability of technology to really change the way you do business."

These were the words of AFDigital Founding Director Pauline Pangan during the World Marketing Summit Philippines 2020 last 22 February when asked about how digitalisation impacts a business.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology has really changed the way we live our lives. Its impact on businesses has become very evident and even challenging for some. But being a successful business is no longer limited to having a high ROI; businesses must also have the ambition of creating a better world through marketing.

"I believe business is a great platform for change. And as a business leader, we have a responsibility to really create that impact — not just in the businesses, not just with the consumers, not just with our employees but to create a positive social impact to the world."

Pauline pointed out that in today’s society, in order for organisations to create an impact, they should be well-aware and concerned about what’s happening around the world. She ended her digital marketing discussion with a noteworthy insight:

"As a business, it's important for us to not just think about growth, but also think about how we can all come together to create that positive social impact."

Pauline shared valuable insights during her panel discussion alongside marketing and business leaders Professor Dominique Hanssens, Dr. Henry Tenedero, and Ms. Germaine Reyes.

Watch these highlights of Pauline at the World Marketing Summit:

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