A Radian6 Study: Nancy Binay and Her Ridiculous Headlines

PHILIPPINES – The purpose of this blog is to showcase the rich functionality of Radian6. It is in no way a political stance, statement or affiliation.

There has been a lot happening with Nancy Binay in the lead up to tomorrow’s elections, but have the many ridiculous headlines helped her campaign, or hurt her?

-“Do not vote for me!” – So What News (27 April)
-“I’m a blacker Kris Aquino” – Rappler (8 May)
-Childhood Trauma: “Papa forced me to debate him!” – Mosquito Press
-“I’m a victim of cyber bullying” – Inquirer (25 May)

We looked into Radian6 (the world’s best social listening and engagement software) to see what people were saying about Nancy.

Over the past 30 days, Nancy has achieved an average of 48% positive sentiment in social media, and is the 2nd most mentioned politician in the race for Senate.

Key Mentions:

-Nancy Binay surges in new SWS poll http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/anc/04/22/13/nancy-binay-surges-new-sws-poll
-BREAKING NEWS: Nancy Binay reveals childhood trauma: “Papa forced me to debate him!”
-RAPPLER: 70% angry, 11% annoyed. How does this story make YOU feel?
-Nancy Binay: If they think I’m not qualified, then go file a disqualification case before the Comelec
-Dear Nancy Binay, if you truly care for the Filipino people, the best you can do is quit the senatorial race ASAP.


Looks like the public noticed that she didn’t turn up to the public debate, she slipped a further 10, and after being challenged several times to a debate by Hontiveros.

Key Mentions:

-#Harapan2013 no Nancy Binay again…
-May solo daw na debate si Nancy Binay next week. #Harapan2013
-NO Binay and Villar in debates.. so how can we expect them to legislate effectively when they dont even have the balls to debate


Vice Ganda interviews Nancy Binay and clearly it doesn’t go well at all. Vice Ganda says what she really thinks about the dynasty politician.

Key Mentions:

-Why Vice Ganda isn’t impressed with Nancy Binay bit.ly/12ghVU1
-I had 20-year OJT, Nancy Binay tells Vice Ganda bit.ly/130KB0G |via @ABSCBN_Showbiz
-Vice Ganda-Nancy Binay row heats up goo.gl/fb/0af0L

SPIKE 4: MAY 11 – NANCY’S BIRTHDAY AND THE BIG DARE Well clearly people love a good birthday party! On the day of her birthday she wakes up and gives a press announcement saying she is confident that she will win, in her pyjamas.

Key Mentions:

-I love you Best friend Nancy Binay! Happy 40th Birthday! Facundo! ilabas ang dinuguan! -#PistaNgItimNaNancy #LinggoNgPagkaUling
-Happy 40th Birthday bukas Nancy Binay #PistaNgItimNaNancy
-Overconfident Nancy Binay Dares the Filipino People: DO NOT VOTE FOR ME! –> sowhatsnews.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/ove… KAPAL @iamnancybinay ha!
-Nancy Binay: Black is beauty. Vice Ganda: But too much black is charcoal.. #BOOM


Nancy is one of the most talked about politicians on social media, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, she has made an impact on the country. This is both surprising and expected as she is a newcomer with relatively no qualifications compared to her competition and promoted to success by the dynasty of her father. It is natural that there is some chit chat.

It is obvious that each of the spikes has a dramatic impact on sentiment from the average, however whether or not this will impact the actual votes is not certain for the following reasons (note: these are from what I have personally heard, not necessarily fact):

Only 30% of Filipinos have access to the internet, lower socio economic populations are less likely to have internet access There is a history of “vote buying” in lower socio economic areas (e.g. Provinces), apparently this is a commonplace occurrence Higher socio-economic groups don’t vote because they don’t feel their vote has impact, and it is a hassle It is convenient that her birthday falls upon the last day before voting opens, which has picked her sentiment back up to the average, however during the last 30 days she has had a LOT of negative mentions through social. She clearly follows the ideology of “there is no such thing as bad PR”, but has she taken it too far? The real question is, does it even matter?

What do you think? Does Nancy Binay stand a chance to win?

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