MuleSoft’s New Product Release Supercharges Automation, Integration, and APIs

MuleSoft’s latest product release offers a new, unified solution for automation, integration, and APIs that can easily automate any workflow and system, enabling your team to quickly adapt to change and business complexity.

This release includes the following:

  • MuleSoft RPA (robotic process automation, which provides no-code capabilities to automate repetitive manual tasks with bots

  • MuleSoft Composer, an easy-to-use solution that allows users to automate complex processes across legacy and modern systems faster and easier

  • Universal API Management, which expands the scope of full lifecycle API Management to all APIs, deployed anywhere.

Automate processes and tasks with MuleSoft RPA

The MuleSoft RPA replaces repetitive and manual tasks with bots that can intelligently process data from any system, document, photo, or legacy user interface.

It allows you to manage every step of your automation journey and break silos with RPA Manager, instantly record and capture your business processes across desktop and web applications with RPA Recorder, and evaluate and monitor automation efficiency and increase bot performance with full visibility of your ROI, process lifecycle, profit analysis, Bot utilisation and more.

Furthermore, it lets you rapidly configure and debug bots with RPA Builder, supercharging your automation build cycle with scale and speed. It enables you to achieve end-to-end automation by integrating RPA bots seamlessly with Salesforce Customer 360, Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft Composer.

Connect apps and data with MuleSoft Composer

MuleSoft Composer enables business teams to easily access and integrate data governed by IT using clicks, instead of code, without the need to wait for development resources. Additionally, the composer enables seamless collaboration between IT and the business.

Composer lets you easily build powerful transformations with the intuitive custom expression editor, seamlessly monitor your flows with email alerts, and control access with external identity provider support. New connectors include Gmail, Google Calendar, and HTTP.

Manage and secure any API using Universal API Management

Universal API Management expands the scope of full lifecycle API Management to all APIs, deployed anywhere. UAPIM is a collection of existing and new capabilities that will provide customers a single control plane to enable comprehensive visibility, flexible management and consistent governance at scale, for any APIs, deployed anywhere.

Learn more about the MuleSoft RPA here and the MuleSoft Composer here .

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