Monthly Highlights: Integration Webinar, Salesforce Marketing Champions, Data Protection and More

Last month had many awesome things for AFDigital, starting with the successful pilot episode of our MuleSoft webinar series, Why Integration Matters. Our MuleSoft Principal Solutions Architect, Anshuman Bezbaruah, demystified the basics of integration and MuleSoft’s capability to deliver seamless and connected experiences.  Here’s a video recording of our webinar in case you missed it. We have more insightful MuleSoft webinars lined up, so stay tuned for updates! Another exciting news: we’ve entered a partnership with Own BackUp to strengthen your organisation’s data protection and security! Read more about it below and learn why Salesforce backup and recovery is more crucial than ever. What’s more? We have two Salesforce Marketing Champions on our team! Find out more about it and what it means for your business when you scroll and read through the blog. Our June newsletter provided more insights on what transpired and what we’ve accomplished in the past month. Check your inbox to get the full details! Not part of our newsletter? Just hit the subscribe button to get relevant stories and industry updates straight to your inbox! Check out the rest of our stories below to stay in the loop!

Own BackUp Partnership

At AFDigital, your cloud data protection and security are always top priorities. Protecting your data is imperative now more than ever as you move more critical applications and data to Salesforce. We’ve partnered with Own Backup, a top cloud data protection platform for Salesforce, to help your business accelerate projects at scale without worrying about data loss. Check our blog to learn how data backup and recovery enables business continuity.

Project Kickoff with Detmold Group

AFDigital is excited to engage with our latest South Australian client, Detmold Group, and help them get activated on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We had our project kickoff last month and we’re thrilled to jumpstart their digital transformation with CRM Integration, Email Studio, and Journeys. 

Go-Live Story: RentPay CRM & MC Activation

RentPay has engaged AFDigital to create a new Salesforce Unsubscribe page in their Marketing Cloud and devise a way to identify which records fall under Rent and RentPay in their CRM. AFDigital helped RentPay address its business pain points by building Sales and Marketing Cloud preference page and providing best practice architecture advisory on data setup. 

Success Story: Digital Marketing Transformation for Norths

With a clear understanding of Norths Collective’s business objectives, AFDigital helped them set up a best practice implementation of Marketing Cloud integrated with their Salesforce CRM. By leveraging the power of these platforms, including Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder and Mobile Connect (SMS), we enabled Norths to:

AFDigital went beyond the implementation and build by training the Norths team on using the platform to its full potential. This enabled them to strategically utilise Marketing Cloud and further understand its capabilities ” a vital step in bringing innovation to the forefront of their business. Check out our blog or watch on YouTube to get more insights on our successful partnership with Norths Collective!

Salesforce Marketing Champions: Paul Cheing & Tom Miller 

Another big win in line with our Marketing Cloud practice came last month. Our very own Paul Cheing (Marketing Cloud Practice Director) and Tom Miller (Marketing Cloud Consultant) were accepted into the Salesforce Marketing Champions program!  As experts in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud practice, AFDigital is proud to have two Marketing Champions on our roster to help our customers supercharge their digital marketing efforts. We’ll dive deep into what this means for your business in the coming weeks. Keep posted on our blog and social media pages! 

David Robuck, Marketing Cloud Capability Lead & Technical Architect

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Navigator Expert Partner, AFDigital has always been at the forefront of creating seamless and connected digital experiences. We’re excited to have our new Marketing Cloud Capability Lead and Technical Architect, DAVID ROBUCK, spearhead our customers’ digital marketing journey and transformation.  Read our blog to learn more about his extensive digital marketing experience and his role in redefining our customers digital experience.  AFDigital also hosted an Interaction Studio webinar with David Robuck and Paul Cheing last 23 June 2021. Watch out for the webinar video recording here in our blog and on YouTube! AFDigital is all about redefining human experiences. Need help with your digital transformation? Get in touch with us today!

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