May Newsletter Recap: MuleSoft Capability, Customer Success Stories, and More

Fueled by the goal to redefine human experiences through technology, AFDigital brings its MuleSoft capability to help amplify and streamline your digital transformation.

Introducing MuleSoft, a platform that lets you build impeccable integration across applications and devices without any hindrances. Having unified data lets you deliver a single customer view, automate business processes, and build seamless and connected experiences. We’re excited to jumpstart our MuleSoft capability projects to take your digital transformation to the next level.

MuleSoft integration

We’re also honoured to be in the latest Forrester Report on Salesforce Consulting Partners in APAC! This inclusion is a recognition of our commitment to successful business transformations powered by Salesforce technology. You can download a free copy of the report here

These are just some of the reasons why we’re thrilled to jumpstart more opportunities with you. We’ve shared great customer stories and business highlights in our May newsletter. Go to your inbox for the full details or subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t) to get relevant updates straight to your inbox.

MuleSoft: Amplifying the Powerful World of Integration

Digital transformation requires seamless and connected experiences. MuleSoft takes data integration to a new level as it enables you to connect data from any system faster for seamless and efficient integration across various channels. 

MuleSoft uses a modern API-led approach that enables your business to:

mulesoft middleware integration

We can’t wait to kickstart more MuleSoft capability projects in the months to come! In the meantime, read our blog to get more insights on MuleSoft and the value it brings to your business.

Go-Live & Success Story: Marketing Cloud PowerOn for Capral Aluminium

AFDigital did a successful Marketing Cloud implementation for Capral Aluminium. As Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminium profiles, Capral engaged AFDigital to help address their key business challenge: siloed and inconsistent customer communication. AFDigital also provided MC Integration Support and Mobile Connect Setup to amplify Capral’s digital transformation. 

Considering the complexity of our situation, each team member had a role to do (and did it well). The process was very smooth and they made it very easy for a small team with limited resources.

” Capral Aluminium on working with AFDigital

Go-Live Story: Sales and Service Cloud for SkinKandy

SkinKandy believes in providing exceptional customer experiences as they scale and expand globally. AFDigital enabled them to offer smarter booking experiences for every customer and have systematic booking management across all stores through Salesforce. Check out SkinKandy’s website to see how we streamlined their online booking services.

Go-Live Story: Online Education Services MC Implementation for Monash & QUT

AFDigital has built a strong client relationship with Online Education Services. Now on our fourth implementation, AFDigital has onboarded OES partner universities Monash and QUT in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, enabling these institutions to deliver redefined online learning experiences for students. 

Success Story: Sales Cloud for TeaM Energy

TeaM Energy, one of Philippines largest independent power producers, needed help automating sales processes and streamlining existing pipelines and customer data. AFDigital enabled them to achieve these goals through the full implementation of Salesforce CRM. Utilising the platform helped TeaM Energy improve their sales team’s productivity and scale and enable lead generation and opportunity management. 

We were very satisfied with how our CRM project was handled, from scoping and planning down to implementation. The open and constant communication and flexibility provided by AFD, not to mention the patience we experienced, really helped us have a good working relationship and propel us from being a clueless newbie to being on our way to a digitally transformed organisation.

” TeaM Energy on working with AFDigital

Salesforce Marketing Cloud April 2021 Release

Salesforce Marketing Cloud released new product features centered on data quality, insights, and integration for more seamless and connected experiences for businesses. Check out what our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, Tom Miller, has to say about its new product features in this blog post

marketing cloud release

AFDigital's MuleSoft Capability Power House

AFDigital has always been committed to delivering bigger and better solutions for our clients. To strengthen our MuleSoft capabilities, we welcomed experienced MuleSoft Principal Architect Anshuman Bezbaruah and MuleSoft Developer Kier Kean Reyes to the team. Their onboarding at AFDigital bolsters our ability to deliver MuleSoft services to help businesses achieve strategic and seamless data integration.

Meet Anshuman Bezbaruah, MuleSoft Principal Architect 

Anshuman’s expertise on the integration landscape stemmed from his years of experience with various integration tools and implementation projects. Equipped with clarity, adaptability, and excellent technical skills, Anshuman takes the lead on our MuleSoft projects developing strategies, principles and roadmaps, and ensuring the delivery of seamless data flow and integration for your organisation.


Meet Kier Reyes, MuleSoft Developer 

Kier’s background in Java development paved the way for his in-depth understanding of the modern API-led approach and integration capabilities. Apart from delivering quality MuleSoft work and implementations, Kier also seeks to share his knowledge with our customers and train our team to become more versed with the MuleSoft platform. 

Get to know more about Anshuman and Kier and how they can bring better customer success through MuleSoft in our blog.

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