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What's New With Marketing Cloud: May 2020 Release

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We are so excited for Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s newly added features for its May 2020 release and how it will make our lives as marketers as easy and efficient as possible while creating more meaningful customer experiences. According to Salesforce, the May 2020 updates will be released from 30 May through 6 June. But before we play around on the platform itself, let’s explore what’s new and interesting with Marketing Cloud!

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Adjusting your marketing strategies to meet your business goals is now easier, thanks to Journey Builder’s Path Optimizer. Now, marketers can experiment in Journey Builder with tests based on email engagement metrics or other outcomes and keep the journey running with new entrants receiving the winning path.

The Path Optimizer lets you try your ideas and make improvements on the cadence, frequency, and channel, in addition to your content.


The Path Organizer isn’t the only enhancement to Journey Builder. Single send journeys now support push notifications. You can now send single push messages, such as promotions or app alerts, to a batch audience from a simple, streamlined user experience in Journey Builder.

To access this in Journey Builder, just click Create New Journey and select Single Send – Push.


Ever wanted to get a comprehensive view of the state of your AI for Marketing capabilities? Salesforce has your back. There’s now an interactive card with live performance metrics in the Einstein Overview app for each active Einstein product in your Marketing Cloud org, instead of the previous static cards that indicate which Einstein products you didn’t yet activate.

Now, after you activate an Einstein product, its interactive card displays live performance metrics. Easy as that!


Salesforce has a bunch of new enhancements for Distributed Marketing. First off, Distributed Marketing business users can now schedule single and bulk send Quick Send messages for a future time and date — as long as it’s scheduled at least 5 minutes in the future and is sent to not more than 25,000 people at a given date and time. These messages can also be cancelled up to 5 minutes prior to sending.

Not only that, but Distributed Marketing also has Content Marketplaces that provide the structure and guidance necessary to help Distributed Marketing business users quickly navigate the assets available for them to use. Uses can create multiple marketplaces to showcase collections of assets grouped in the way your business users think, such as Recommended, High ROI, and more. Marketplaces are powered by list views of Campaign or Quick Send Message records.

Last but not least, Distributed Marketing business users can message up to 25,000 campaign members at once in the Campaign Send workflow. Simply add the target audience to the campaign, modify the content, and send. Marketers can now quickly target large groups of their book of business with the right content modifications.

This is just the tip of the Marketing Cloud May 2020 release iceberg. We can’t wait to learn all these new features, employ them on our own projects, and ultimately create a better experience for our clients.

To know more, you can view the full release notes and join the upcoming New Feature Overview Webinar happening on 11 June at 11:00 AM CDT! And if you missed the March 2020 release, we also rounded up the best updates here.

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