Master your Marketing: How to convert hot leads amidst distraction

The primary goal for any marketer is to generate new leads. It’s undoubtedly one of the most important ways to grow your business. But in today’s online world, generating leads is not enough - marketers need to find creative ways to convert those leads into customers. Plus, the digital space is noisy and full of distractions. With so much communication going on, how do you nail down the marketing tactics that generate real returns?

Join Salesforce to learn how you as a small business can reach prospects, deliver high-quality leads, and how to convert them into customers. We’ll share the most successful tactics and technologies to optimize your marketing efforts and drive growth.

Attend this webinar on 14 October, 11.00am PHT and gain insights on:

Plus, Salesforce’s leading experts will be doing a walk-through demonstration and will be answering live questions.

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