Marketing Transformation and 1:1 Journeys for UNICEF Australia

Marketing Transformation and 1:1 Journeys for UNICEF Australia

How do 1:1 Journeys translate in a Not for Profit organisation? For UNICEF, it’s getting more than double the growth in their database and a significant increase in email open rates, among other things.

When UNICEF, a leading global humanitarian and development agency, needed a Marketing Cloud Partner to help them operationalise their vision in building smarter 1:1 journeys across their numerous stakeholder groups, they turned to AFDigital for help.

UNICEF Australia already has an existing Marketing Cloud environment, albeit a poorly integrated one. They needed expert guidance in maximising the platform’s full potential and automating their marketing processes. Additionally, they needed help updating their donors about the highlights of a child’s life through their 1000 day journey.

UNICEF Australia tapped AFDigital to work closely with their team to address their business pain points and maximise the use of their Marketing Cloud to streamline processes, automate wherever possible, and function more efficiently as an organisation.

Key Objectives

UNICEF Australia needed to integrate their data with Salesforce CRM, implement and enable key Marketing Cloud features and channels, and recreate one of the most valued 1000 Customer Journeys to make decision-making faster and easier.

What AFDigital Did

AFDigital assisted UNICEF in optimising their journeys and implementing Marketing Cloud. This includes integration of Salesforce CRM, Email Studio, Email Template, and 1x Journey.  We also worked with the brand in breaking down their main journey into smaller journeys, making content updating a breeze. To avoid using populations and ensure they are following best practices, we also reviewed their Marketing Cloud setup “ identifying issues and correcting them so that everything runs smoothly and they are utilising the full potential of the platform All of these efforts were done through on-site consulting and advisory.

Furthermore, our team set up a workshop to guide UNICEF Australia in building the first 1-2 mini journeys, enabling them to build the remaining communications from the main journey and seamlessly and conveniently create smarter, more relevant customer experiences.

The Results

Through this project, UNICEF Australia got a 360 degree view of their donors after Salesforce CRM data was integrated, allowing them to make more informed decisions on segmentation. They were also able to split their journey and track engagement more accurately, and improve their overall retention rates of Global Parents. With our help, they were able to provide email recipients preferences so they are able to see what else UNICEF has to offer, content-wise. 

Another key result of the project? UNICEF was able to own and run their campaigns from end-to-end, empowering their team to be more agile and allowing them to upskill.

Understanding why customers are unsubscribing from their emails is another  important aspect to look at, so UNICEF has an unsubscribe reason feature. This helps them immensely with their strategic decisions when crafting their content and targeting their audience.

The team at AFDigital are very knowledgeable and significantly improved our existing journey structure that had been set up by another partner. These changes won't only affect the functioning of the journey, but also internal reporting and risk-management systems. The team was also open to helping and training us along the way - empowering the team in a way we never have been before.

” Customer Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10 

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