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Marketing Cloud Release Highlights: Jan 2020

As part of Salesforce’s Spring ‘20 release, the Marketing Cloud update is PACKED with cool new tools and features that definitely make our lives as marketers easier. Marketing Cloud is the premier platform for delighting customers with 1:1 customer journeys. Here’s what’s new with Marketing Cloud and Social Studio:


The Datorama team is building more interactive apps for Marketing Cloud — including the Datorama Data Lake, a data architecture solution that helps users expand their marketing intelligence with granular, raw, and non-aggregated data sets. With Datorama Data Lake, you can create a complete granular data architecture then visualise and analyse the data from within the Datorama Platform. Watch the demo here!


The Datorama Marketing Assistant is one of Datorama’s latest innovations, a packaged solution you can install from the Datorama Marketplace. Marketing Assistant is built for users looking for a natural, fast, and convenient way to interact with their performance data. You can talk to your data using Amazon Alexa (or text), then the Marketing Assistant app automatically creates a visualised interactive dashboard of actionable that you can share with colleagues. See the demo here.

Formerly known as Salesforce DMP, Audience Studio now includes a suite of tools for customers to manage California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance. These allow you to manage your consumer’s rights to “delete my data”, “give me a copy of my data”, and “do not sell my personal information”.

Data Providers can also create a profile within Data Studio and use the new sharing option to make your segment data available within the Marketing Cloud application.


Yes, you read that right: you can now schedule and publish Instagram Stories straight from Social Studio! Assign the post to a mobile user to publish it, then the mobile user receives a Social Studio Mobile notification and can post right from Instagram.

You can now also add Instagram hashtags as a data source to a Top Media, Word Cloud, and Feed Wall screen in Marketing Cloud Command Center. The data source is available to all users and Command Center customers.


Salesforce Einstein just keeps getting smarter and smarter, informing your campaigns with deep marketing intelligence. Unlock the impact of your email subject lines with Einstein Copy Insights, which collects language-related insights derived from email subject line data to help optimize engagement in your email campaigns. Einstein uses machine learning and statistics to identify language features related to punctuation, tone, and other aspects and assesses their impact on open rate.


Einstein can now also proactively monitor your email sends for unusual anomalies in performance. Each day, Einstein Messaging Insights assesses your sends’ performance, focusing on Open Rate, Click Rate. and Unsubscribe Rate, then points out when these rates fall outside of the boundaries that Einstein predicted. A new notification system makes these insights easy to find and read from anywhere in Marketing Cloud. Cool, right?!


Quick sends are now more powerful for both marketers and business users. Marketers can amp up the journeys powering quick sends by including multiple non-message journey activities, plugging the power of Journey Builder into these simple sends. Additionally, business users can now send a message to up to 25,000 individuals at once by using list views.

These newest features from the Salesforce and Datorama teams make it so much easier for marketers to get a single source of truth from their data. And as a Salesforce Partner in the Philippines and Australia, AFDigital will surely benefit from using these new tools to help businesses create more robust content, marketing strategies, social media playbooks, and more.

Read the full Marketing Cloud release notes here and stay tuned to the AFDigital blog for our release highlights articles for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud!

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