Marketing Cloud Personalisation for PH Pharmaceutical Company to Increase Website Traffic and Engagement

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines, Unilab’s portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription and consumer healthcare brands in the country. Established in 1945, Unilab today is the realisation of the grand vision of its founders — to be a firmly established industry leader distinguished by its corporate culture that places people at the centre of everything.

Key objectives

Unilab’s new ecommerce website had very low visitor traffic. Their existing marketing data and website behavioural data are siloed. The company wants to provide real-time, personalised interactions and cross-channel experience to their customers and prospects interacting with their brand website, and be able to direct them to the new ecommerce site.

To overcome these challenges, Unilab engaged AFDigital to implement Phase 1 of their Personalisation (Interaction Studio) together with Advertising Studio. The objective is to unlock Personalisation’s full potential by creating cross-channel personalised email, website, and ad campaigns to drive users to their new website.

What we did

AFDigital set up Personalisation on their website, which included the installation of scripting guidance. We also implemented a cross-channel journey campaign, which included personalised website popup for product categories, email personalisation for product categories with Einstein recipes via Email Studio, and Facebook ad personalisation for product categories through Ad Studio.

Projected impact and results

With these solutions in place, Unilab can expect an increase in the website traffic to their new e-commerce website and an increase in their brand website engagement.

Additionally, AFDigital is expected to deliver a personalised 1-on-1 brand website experience to suit the needs and interests of each individual, as well as an omni-channel customer experience to drive customers to their e-commerce website. Unilab is also expected to gain website behavioural insights and trends at both individual and macro levels.

Working with AFDigital

“This is the first time for us to have a project with Sprints, it is very granular, but I like how the team is keen with every detail and helped us every step of the way.”

-Jennifer Lim (Corporate Branding Group - AVP)

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