Marketing Cloud for Not for Profit: Enabling NFPs to fulfill their missions efficiently

Not for profit organisations have faced insurmountable challenges in recent months. Most of them are learning the hard way that they need to modernise how they engage with their stakeholders across multiple touchpoints. The current global climate has made it difficult for organisations to manage new supporters and keep up with their fundraising efforts, particularly those that depend heavily on in-person engagement. Data from the Global Online Fundraising Report reveal numerous missed opportunities with supporter outreach. For instance, emails to new subscribers are few and far in between, so organisations fail to keep them engaged and take further action. Additionally, very few of these emails are personalised, often lacking warmth and human touch.

Marketing Cloud for Not for Profit Organisations

To address these issues, Salesforce recently launched Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, a platform designed specifically to aid not for profit organisations and efficiently create personalised experiences for email marketing.

Features and benefits

The numerous features of Marketing Cloud for Nonprofit give users access to predefined templates they can utilise to create and deliver email campaigns to subscribers, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders.  It is also integrated with Nonprofit Success Pack, which lets users provide data-driven and personalised outreach and segment audiences to automatically create personalised email content around their subscriber’s interests, giving history, engagement, and more insight to customised to their recipient’s preferences, so they feel more connected to the organisation’s mission. Not for profits are also given access to the full suite of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud and integration with Google Analytics to help improve campaign performance and ROI. Access to insights means they are able to drive engagement and campaign performance, donor conversion, and giving performance. Through the platform, Salesforce is also giving not for profit organisations affordable Marketing Cloud implementation assistance from select members of their vast consulting partner community, including AFDigital. We have committed our support to the platform to help users accelerate fundraising, events, and engagement. Lastly, users are given access to Trailhead, Salesforce’s comprehensive online learning platform so they can easily learn embedded content and a setup wizard to aid them in deploying the template they choose and campaigns they want to launch.

The right technology for not for profit organisations of all sizes

David Ragones, SVP & GM Nonprofit Cloud at Salesforce, said, “Nonprofits of all sizes aspire to engage with their donors, volunteers, and other constituents at the right digital moments that matter.” He adds, “With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, organizations who are both new to Salesforce or long-time users now have an easy on-ramp to a superior constituent experience with more personalized methods of engagement. AFDigital is a Salesforce Partner that offers Marketing Cloud for Not for Profits. We have helped numerous organisations achieve their desired results through Marketing Cloud - identifying their business pain points and leveraging on the platform’s many features to solve them. Through Salesforce and AFDigital, organisations have grown their database, sent more emails and increased email open rates, and own and run their campaigns from end to end. We have empowered these organisations to upskill, be more agile, and create smarter and more relevant customer experiences.  This is definitely a great opportunity for all Not For Profit organisations to utilise Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help tailor relevant personal messages to your supporters, on the right channels, at the right time. ” Paul Cheing, Salesforce Marketing Champion & Marketing Cloud Practice Director at AFDigital  Scaling up a not for profit organisation requires constant work and continuous engagement with both current and potential supporters. With the right technology, organisations of all sizes can build new and meaningful relationships, as well as deepen existing ones so they can continue their missions.   Do you want to learn more about Marketing Cloud for Not For Profit Organisations? Book an appointment with one of our consultants or contact us here. 

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