March 2022 Newsletter Recap: Webinars, Customer Wins, #AFDigitalCares, and more

We started the year strong and are now almost ending the first quarter. So many things have happened, both good and bad - the pandemic is easing, and things are slowly going back to normal. War in Ukraine affects everybody globally, thus the clamour to take a stand and help the oppressed.  

March is also International Women’s Month, and we at AFDigital would like to take this opportunity to honour all the outstanding women in our lives! 

Here’s a quick summary of what’s keeping us busy so far -  relevant stories, industry updates, and customer wins.

Oak Tree Group hits new milestones; increases leads by 42%

Oak Tree Group specialises in providing affordable, boutique, and secure independent living communities for seniors in Australia. The company needed to shift to a digital-first marketing approach due to their customer base changing the way they search for information. 

AFDigital and Oak Tree Group have worked collaboratively over the past months to redefine their approach to digital strategy and marketing. The company has seen great results from July to December 2021, including a 42% increase in leads, decreased advertising spend by 22% and decreased cost-per-lead by 45%.

Salesforce Pardot PowerOn for Managed Workforce Services

One Key Resources is a provider of managed workforce services and labour hire to Australia’s Mining, Resources, and Infrastructure industries. The company engaged AFDigital to automate, measure and manage communications sent to their candidate and employee groups, seeking greater visibility of the level of engagement from these groups. 

We did a basic implementation of Salesforce Pardot, including Salesforce CRM Integration, Email Templates, Website Integration, and a few Journeys to get the client started with marketing automation. 


Livestream: Improving Operational Efficiency for Supply Chains with MuleSoft

AFDigital’s MuleSoft’s API-led approach delivers up to 200% faster development cycles through leveraging re-usable assets. AFDigitals Tom Miller and MuleSoft’s Nick Metz recently held a 15-min talk to discuss how MuleSoft can enable businesses to build a resilient supply chain that drives agility and leverage real-time data from connected systems. 

Watch the live stream here. 


Best practices for email and journey testing

There are many different ways to test your email content and journeys. You can test the subject line, the email body, the call-to-action (CTA), even the entire email journey. By doing this, you can ensure your emails are engaging for your subscribers and are driving them towards your goal.

Paul Cheing, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice Director, shared some recommendations to help you avoid sending the wrong email or getting your emails into the spam folder. Read the story to learn about the email and journey testing practices. 

Learn more about it here. 


Help has reached Siargao 

AFDigital recently heeded the call for help for victims of Typhoon Rai (also known in the Philippines as Typhoon Odette) by raising funds for Siargao. The donations were received and distributed by Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia that produces “The 700 Club Asia”. 

Read more about our fundraising effort here.


AFDigital stands with Ukraine 

It’s been said that neutrality helps the oppressor and never the victim; therefore, we must always take sides - which is why we at AFDigital #StandWithUkraine. The war-torn country needs our help now more than ever. One of the ways you can help is by donating - eWave is reaching out to its network to support people currently affected in many parts of Ukraine. 

On top of funds already contributed by eWave, all donations will go directly to support their people and their families in Ukraine. We encourage everybody to donate to the cause and help Ukrainians survive the war.

Apart from donating, you can also do simple things, such as posting to your socials to help raise awareness about what is happening in Ukraine and how to help them, using the right hashtags. Your posts can inspire other people to take action. You can also sign as many petitions that help Ukrainian people as you can and reach out to business leaders and authorities to encourage them to join the cause. 

It is also worth mentioning that we have decided to help Fatima because we believe in the spirit of ohana - we do not leave anyone behind. From one woman leader to another, I stand with her and feel her pain as she tries her best to make things work for her employees experiencing war. 

You can learn more about the ways you can help Ukraine here, or donate to eWave Ukraine here. 


AFDigital celebrates International Women's Day through Ladies in Tech

At AFDigital, we value gender equality and empower the women within our organisation - and even those outside - always, and in all ways. 

Ladies in Tech was formed to celebrate Lady’s courage for stepping boldly into the wonderful world of tech “ a world we once considered a male-dominated industry. 

LiT is an initiative that connects women’s hearts through stories” to unite, learn, inspire and build each other up through fun and beautiful, soul-awakening conversations that bring forth and amplify collective feminine energy, uniqueness, and strengths in the wonderful world of tech.

Visit this page to learn more.


Tess Colman, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant 

AFDigital welcomes Tess Colman, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant. With her vast knowledge of Salesforce and Marketing Cloud integrations, Tess will be responsible for coming up with solutions and services to help the company’s numerous clients achieve their business goals. 

Get to know more about Tess here. 


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