March 2020: Marketing Cloud Release Highlights

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With the global threat of COVID-19 affecting businesses and customers alike, it goes to show how essential it is to provide relevant customer experiences, keeping customers informed and in touch with the brands they subscribe to. Salesforce has not stopped bringing new enhancements to the #1 marketing automation tool so marketers can provide the latest news and updates about their situation and actions during this crisis. AFDigital, as a multi-cloud implementation partner, is so excited to use these tools and share them with our customers!

Let’s have a look at the most notable upgrades to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, released from March 21 through March 28, 2020:


Ever wanted to include product review forms right inside your email? Well, wait no longer because you can now use the Email Form block to build forms that render directly in a recipient’s email client. The block helps marketers reduce friction around gathering more customer information through a CloudPage form built right in your emails.

How do you use it? Drag the Email Form block in the editor and configure your settings. Easy, right? Just ensure that you create and publish the CloudPages Interactive Email page before configuring the Content Builder block.


There are a bunch of new features on Distributed Marketing, including Quick Send enhancements and Quick Send on Opportunity records. But one of the most notable is the SMS Quick Send where marketers can send pre-approved or fully custom SMS messages through Distributed Marketing.

SMS messages are sent through Journey Builder using the Mobile Connect Send SMS message activity and are available in all Quick Send workflows except bulk send.


Marketers can comprehensively understand which emails in their journeys perform unusually with Einstein Marketing Insights. Einstein analyzes each journey’s email activities to identify if a particular email activity’s performance is atypically strong or weak in an active journey.

How to use: Each email activity insight displays a chart that tracks customer engagement with messages in the journey. To display more or fewer trend lines, click the chart.

Einstein Messaging Insights also now includes an insight that aggregates and analyzes all emails sent by an automation each day. It monitors open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate for emails sent by an automation. It also analyzes the messages sent in aggregate to find and report performance and engagement anomalies.


A cool new update for Mobile Studio is the SMS Delivery Receipt, where marketers can track SMS delivery receipts for individual messages with the _SMSMessageTracking Data View. Delivery statuses are now universal for sending into all markets. Simply query the SMSMessageTracking data view in Automation Studio. The delivery receipt information is returned automatically.

The Marketing Cloud release doesn’t stop there. Learn more about all the new features in Marketing Cloud’s March release in their release notes and don’t forget to tune in to the AFDigital blog for more updates!

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