Managed Services Delivered Agile to Iconic Australian Food Brand Franchise, Inc

Managed services delivered agile to iconic australian food brand franchise increases teams internal capacity and achieve faster time to value

craveable brands are a franchise that owns three iconic Australian food brands: Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat.

Their team of industry experts support over 400 small business owners, operating 580 restaurants that employ a work force of 12,500 people, who serve over 1 million customers per week.

The craveable teams’ extensive expertise focuses on areas including restaurant operations, human resources & industrial relations, learning & development, IT & technology, sales & marketing, store design & construction, supply chain & food innovation and leadership.

It’s the collective focus on people and food that empowers craveable brands - to strive for excellence for its employees, franchisees, restaurant teams, suppliers and consumers alike.

craveable wanted to get more out of their Salesforce investment, so they engaged AFDigital to help with their business transformation.

Key objectives

craveable brands wanted to achieve maximum ROI and potential value from their Salesforce investment and get the support required for Salesforce to complement their internal skill set. They also needed advisory and strategic services for major experience architecture decisions and discussions. The company also needed insights on the best practice setup and use of technology and practices.

What we did

AFDigital provided support and development resources through its Managed Services and “Platinum TeamX” - team extension. The engagement was overseen by our Customer Success practice, ensuring continuous value is attained. We also had a dedicated Program Manager who oversaw multiple streams of work, across Marketing Cloud, Personalisation, Sales/Service Cloud, and Experience cloud.

We also leveraged the depth and breadth of expert knowledge within AFDigital, with a core team of developers and consultants working in an Agile manner to achieve continuous delivery and improvement.

Along with level 1 and 2 support, Craveable has maximised the ability to execute and complete strategic projects with longer timelines, through a continuous delivery mindset.


AFDigital was able to increase the craveable team’s internal capacity, and enabled them to execute collaborative campaign builds, as well as achieve faster time to value. They were also able to benefit from fast project timelines, executed by teams the company is familiar with and with whom they had already developed a working relationship.

We were also able to build functionality and enhancements in a strategic and planned manner, and develop new functionality, templates, and journeys as required. A highlight was Salesforce Personalisation ‘phase II’, whereby the initial implementation (also by AFDigital) increased ingestion of personalisation data, the experience was improved on the web implementation, and Personalisation installed in the mobile app (one of the first in Australia). Personalisation was also incorporated within the client’s marketing campaigns to create a full multi-channel experience paired with Marketing Cloud Einstein and internal first party data. An Abandoned Cart eDM trigger was also created.

We also enabled ‘Vacation Support’ where dedicated resources are placed to support permanent staff on vacation, reducing campaign down time.

Other impressive results include:

-Fast path to go live for initial Personalisation implementation (total <4 months)

Personalisation optimisation:

-22% Conversion on Abandoned Cart -Personalised Homepage Banner showed an increase in uptake of Shared Family Deals -Order Now PopUp increase in traffic to the orders website and decreased intent to exit

Working with AFDigital

*Learn more about craveable brands here. *

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