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In the first two years Pauline Pangan and his business partner Robin Leonard ran AllFamous Inc., trouble always seems to find them “We were always in trouble”, says Pangan, who initially put in P50,000 into the business and ran it for six months before Leonard joined. Either they hired the wrong people or they mismanaged their cash by overspending on marketing and employee salary. Worse, they realized it would be difficult to grow their events management business – at least not the scale they hoped to grow it – as client would be limited to those based in the Philippines.

Things started to fall into years a couple of years later after they decided to transform the business into digital marketing agency, rebranded as AllFamous Digital. The partners knew the segment had potential, but at the time they didn`t have the expertise yet on the digital marketing. “Digital Marketing is a sunrise industry- everyone in the business is getting themselves organized. Best practices are being defined, tested, optimized and redefined. No one can say they are the expert. No one can say this is the best and the right strategy,” says Pangan. With the segment open wide, the partners felt it was good time to go into digital marketing, especially since businesses, even small and medium businesses, are realizing the opportunities social media can open for them.

To get the business going, Pangan and Leonard hired a consultant who open their eyes to the opportunities in segment. “We really scrambled to learn the business and we made a lot of iterations on our service offerings,” says Pangan. Because they were still feeling their way into the business, mistakes were made. Initially, they ask too much for their services, with packages costing as much as $10,000 per month. Clients didn`t bite, “I was knocking on doors, but no one was buying it,” says Pangan. But they were also quick on their feet on changing their offering. They lowered the pricing to $4,000, which they realized was the right entry point for their clients…

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