July Newsletter Recap: Webinars, Program Management and More

AFDigital closed FY2021 on a high note and we’re grateful to everyone ” our customers, partners, employees ” for being a big part of it!  

Before we move forward to a new fiscal year (which is really exciting and promising), here’s an overview of some notable moments that transpired last month, starting off with the successful run of our Interaction Studio Webinar. 

Our resident Marketing Cloud experts (and Marketing Champions!) Paul Cheing and David Robuck held an insightful discussion on 1-to-1 personalisation at scale. Get a free copy of our webinar recording when you sign up here!

We also had the second installment of our MuleSoft webinar series last week. Our keynote speakers, MuleSoft Solution Architect Anshuman Bezbaruah and CRM Practice Director Bibhu Pati talked about the value of integration and how it can help streamline your whole retail lifecycle. Sign up and download a free copy of the webinar recording here so you don’t miss out on this important discussion!

AFDigital seeks to enable growth for companies in the SMB market, so we’re doing an event on How to Blitzscale (SM)Business Growth this month. Hope you can join us on this learning opportunity. We’ll post the event details soon!

Another exciting news: AFDigital is turning 10 this August! We’re truly grateful to everyone for being with us on this wonderful journey. Watch out for some awesome news as we celebrate #OneAFD!

These were just the tip of the iceberg. Check your inbox for more details on all the great news and updates we’ve talked about! Haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet? Just hit the subscribe button to get relevant stories and industry updates straight to your inbox!

Check out the rest of our stories below to stay in the loop!

MuleSoft Integration for Scope Australia

Scope Australia, one of the largest not-for-profit disability service providers in Australia, tapped AFDigital to help them integrate their Salesforce Orgs and achieve a single view of the customer, including donors and stakeholders.

Our approach includes setting up Salesforce Sales Cloud and integrating 3x Salesforce Orgs ” Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Service Contracts objects ” via MuleSoft. The upcoming training on the platform will empower the Scope team to fully leverage Salesforce CRM’s capabilities.

This project will allow Scope to improve their sales team’s productivity, enable lead generation and opportunity management, and achieve a single view of the customer. We are excited to help Scope scale through the Salesforce platform and achieve a single source of truth with smart and seamless integration powered by MuleSoft.

Go-Live: Caritas MC Preference Page

Caritas Australia, the Catholic agency for international aid and development and a not-for-profit supporting long-term development in impoverished communities, wants to optimise Marketing Cloud Contact sync with their CRM and implement best practices in their unsubscribe and preference pages.

AFDigital helped Caritas Australia address key business challenges by building a custom branded Preference Centre (unsubscribe page) using Cloud Pages in Marketing Cloud. We also did some fixes on their Marketing Cloud and provided best practices training on Email Studio, Advertising Studio, Einstein tools, Social Studio, and Journey Builder to help the Caritas Australia team fully utilise their Marketing Cloud investment.

Success Story: SkinKandy Salesforce Transformation

SkinKandy, Australia’s largest specialist body piercing and body jewellery company, are growing rapidly and want to implement strategic technology architecture to provide exceptional customer experience and offer automated omnichannel booking services as they scale and expand globally. 

The key to achieving these goals? Undergoing a Salesforce transformation.

AFDigital enabled them to offer these and more by building a well-defined Salesforce transformation journey. Learn how SkinKandy achieved a 7% increase in AOV and a 12% increase in CLV on our blog!

Success Story: Program Management for College of Adult Learning

College for Adult Learning (CAL), an online learning provider offering courses designed for success, have data silos and a complex technology ecosystem. CAL engaged AFDigital to help them build a single student view, maximise technology capability to remove inefficiencies in processes, and build a smarter student journey by having connected systems.

To further help CAL address their key business challenges, AFDigital offered Program Management/Advisory wherein a dedicated Salesforce Program Manager oversees and ensures the successful adoption of Salesforce within their organisation. The Program Manager worked closely with CAL’s internal stakeholders to identify objectives, requirements, and pain points related to Salesforce. 

AFDigital remains committed to redefining experiences for our customers by offering both technology-based and people-powered solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Connect with us to learn more about our Program Management/Advisory services!

Meet Biren Chaudhary, Industry Services Director

AFDigital onboarded Biren Chaudhary as its Industry Services Director to lead the charge on solidifying our industry strategy and solutions. Biren will play a key role in leading the digital transformation of key industries, innovating market-leading solutions, and implementing best practices across industries ” all vital strategies to drive value, growth, and success for our customers. 

Biren will also spearhead AFDigital’s newest advisory offer ” Program Management, an innovative and customer-centric approach that provides consulting and advisory services to clients, helping them grow and accelerate their digital transformation. Having a dedicated resource to help you strategise, develop, implement, and oversee projects is integral to the successful adoption of Salesforce within your organisation.

AFDigital have always been about guiding our customers through their digital transformation journey. Onboarding Biren to lead the charge on solidifying our industry strategy and efforts creates another value for our customers as we push for more innovative marketing-leading solutions. Read more about what this means for your business on our blog!

Salesforce Virtual Bootcamp Kick-off

AFDigital are all about redefining experiences for our customers, partners, and employees. For us to deliver top Salesforce solutions, we need to have the right people. Our team has always been our best asset, so we thought of strengthening it by building an army of Salesforce experts from the ground up through an immersive and intensive Boot Camp Program. 

Our Salesforce Virtual Boot Camp goes deep into the features and capabilities of Salesforce and teaches our boot campers excellence through the AFDigital Way. Aside from equipping them with the Salesforce technology know-how, we will also train them to be a part of our high-performing teams, deliver agile projects, and become awesome all-around consultants. 

Watch out for this new breed of Salesforce consultants gearing up to guide our customers through their digital transformation!

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