Industry Services Director to lead Industry Digital Transformation and Program Management Advisory

Staying true to our commitment to redefining experiences, AFDigital onboarded Biren Chaudhary as its Industry Services Director to lead the charge on solidifying our industry strategy and business offers. Biren will play a key role in leading the digital transformation of key industries, innovating market-leading solutions, and implementing best practices across industries ” all vital strategies to drive value, growth, and success for our customers.  An innovative and results-driven leader, Biren has over 20 years of experience in Transformation, Consulting, Agile Delivery, Sales, Client Partnership, and Program Management within large, complex organisations across Australia, Europe, the USA, and Asia Pacific. Working in various fields across different industries armed him with impressive industry knowledge and leadership skills vital in building and leading a practice within an organisation.  Biren has worked on executive and director roles for renowned companies like Accenture as a Practice Head of Salesforce CRM, PwC Australia as Associate Director in Technology Advisory, NTT Data as Salesforce Head in the APAC region, and Accel Digital as VP of Salesforce CRM & Technology Advisory, among others.

In the last twenty years of my career, I have thoroughly loved variety. You must be entrepreneurial and explore different styles; you have to modify and improve on the ways you resolve a problem, do not live in someone else's box, create a new box! (I have) always enjoyed doing things that have not been done before.

” Biren Chaudhary, Industry Services Director, AFDigital

Solidifying Industry Services and Strategy

As AFDigital’s Industry Services Director, Biren’s focus is anchored on leading our industry Go To Market Strategy and innovating market-leading solutions to help drive value and growth for our customers. His passion for developing and leading individuals and organisations through an engaging and collaborative approach fuels him to deliver efficient results. 

We are making big bets to be true to our mission of Redefining the future of human experience with technologyâ and having Biren on our team is an expression of that commitment.

” Elmer Tagarino, President, AFDigital

Having strong interpersonal and communication skills enables Biren to work effectively with a team within any required environment. Now functioning as AFDigital’s Industry Services Director, Biren looks forward to getting a deeper understanding of AFDigital’s customers and domain expertise, and contribute to the transformation and enhancement of our Customer, Partner, and Employee Experience. When asked what’s the best part of his role, he mentioned three things: understanding customers, offering relevant technology solutions, and delivering fundamental and transformational agendas. And we expect nothing less from an experienced industry innovator like Biren.

We have recognised our clients need industry-specific process transformation that spans platform and requires an intimate understanding of their unique challenges. We are incredibly excited to have a leader of such calibre join us to further enable and mature our approach to Industry strategy and contribute to the success of our clients and consultants.

” Robin Leonard, CEO, AFDigital

Program Management and Advisory

Biren will also spearhead AFDigital’s newest advisory offer ” Program Management, an innovative and customer-centric approach that provides consulting and advisory services to clients. Our Program Management & Advisory offer seeks to grow existing client revenue with transformation, program, and architecture advisory and leadership. Having a dedicated resource to help you strategise, develop, implement, and oversee projects is integral to the successful adoption of Salesforce within your organisation. Biren’s program management approach balances and aligns the needs of stakeholders with those across the business and IT side. Biren values stakeholder engagement, commitment, and communication as integral aspects of delivering exceptional customer service. One way we redefine experiences for our customers is by offering both technology-based and people-powered solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Connect with us to learn more about how our Program Management/Advisory offer can help propel your digital transformation journey forward!

(It was) quite a different experience for both me and the other members of the business to have a dedicated resource. Personally, I have learnt quite a bit about how to manage a project and involve stakeholders through the whole process rather than just at the end. Also, instead of doing some jobs one at a time gathering all the requirements together and building a plan so we efficiently achieve a lot more things at the same time. Also, I can start to see how we might be able to structure the business going forward and how a similar role may work to achieve more and help scale the growth of the business.

” Stephen Golding, Managing Director, Commercials, The College for Adult Learning

AFDigital have always been about guiding our customers through their digital transformation journey. Onboarding Biren to lead the charge on solidifying our industry strategy and efforts creates another value for our customers as we push for more innovative marketing-leading solutions. With him holding the reins of our industry plays and partnerships, we can better support our customers and partners with an integrated perspective across industries. Want to maximise the value of your Salesforce investments? Book a 1-hour advisory sesh with us! Let’s discuss how to spruce up your digital transformation journey with Salesforce!

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