Improving operational efficiency for supply chains with MuleSoft

Today’s supply chains are faced with an increasing number of distribution channels, a broader set of suppliers, and ever-decreasing product cycles. A new approach is required for agile supply chain management that delivers speed and flexibility. MuleSoft’s API-led approach delivers up to 200% faster development cycles through leveraging re-usable assets.

Why the supply chain needs API-led connectivity 

The core of an efficient supply chain strategy lies in effectively managing complexity, whether it’s in logistics, procurement, or warehousing. Supply chains provide businesses with a competitive advantage by adding automated and resource-heavy capabilities that cannot be replicated easily. 

There’s so much complexity that only a few businesses really know how to use data to their advantage. Instead of being utilised properly, it’s siloed, inaccessible, and even untrusted. Data and integration complexity and cost are usually the biggest impediments. 

How to build a resilient supply chain to drive agility

Businesses can proactively construct a more complete integration strategy and protect such critical investments using API-led connectivity, which offers a strong, modern model to consider.

AFDigital held a webinar to discuss how MuleSoft can enable you to build a resilient supply chain that drives agility and leverage real-time data from connected systems on December 10, 2021 (Friday), 11:30 AM AEDT. 

Our speakers, Tom Miller from AFDigital and Nick Metz from MuleSoft, shared insights on the following topics: 

Pick their brains and learn all about MuleSoft integration in supply chains” all in15 minutes (or less). 

Watch the webinar here.


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