How brands can create a customer experience that exceeds expectations

With recent tech advancements and product innovations, customer expectation has never been higher. Customers expect to get the best service possible - from callback options, to getting near-instant replies through various channels, to anticipating their needs on their next call. They do not want to have to repeat their information and they definitely do not want to wait.

More than the brand and price, a great customer experience has become critical for companies to stay ahead of the competition.

The importance of customer experience

According to Salesforce senior VP of Strategic Planning, Peter Schwartz, said “Customer experience and service have converged. It’s more than call centres and successful responses to problems. It is a service opportunity in sales, support, and marketing. Delivering great customer experiences now means providing amazing, almost magical service at every opportunity.”

More than the level of service received, customer experience is broader and deeper, because it is the total perception of the company, interaction by interaction, from the initial touchpoint to the last. At every one of these moments, customers will form an opinion about whether a company is living up to their expectations or not.

Therefore, great customer experience is critical to sustain the growth of your business. A positive customer experience is key to promoting loyalty, customer retention, and brand advocacy.

How to improve customer experience

Adapt a customer-first mindset

Putting the customer at the heart of your business from marketing to point-of-sale procedures to after-sales follow-ups helps immensely in delivering a great customer experience. Make sure to listen to your customers - what their needs are, what drives their decision-making, what their goals are, and what they’re feeling.

Automate and leverage on AI whenever possible

First, you will need to identify the specific business problems that can be solved with automation and AI. Once the specific use case is defined, consider how existing workflows would be impacted, as well as who in your team needs to be reskilled.

Automation and AI frees up valuable time for your employees, makes processes quicker and more efficient, and allows you to focus your efforts on aspects of your business that need your attention.

Delivering an outstanding experience for your customers shouldn’t be a luxury. Do it consistently, and you will be rewarded with repeat business and customer loyalty.

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