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As part of our journey in becoming #BiggerAndBetter, we focused more on giving you the best customer experience last February. Learn about our new project where we’ll talk about our digital transformation stories,’s marketing automation journey, our CEO Robin Leonard’s insightful webinar, and the newest Spring ‘20 release highlights!

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But having over approximately 7 million renters in Australia has become’s challenge to move forward with their mission. The brand knew they had to revamp their business approach to ensure that they are able to cater to these renters’ needs with the best services that they could possibly give. Which led them to decide to take on a digital transformation journey, adapting marketing automation tools, CRM, and live chat. Now all they need is to consolidate all these tools to ensure that they have a true single view of their customers.

The next step? Tapping on to the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. AFDigital assisted to quickly PowerOn Salesforce Marketing Cloud which allowed the brand to replace their existing email tools and to consolidate their CRM, smart journeys, and Live Chat. The brand additionally received training and hands-on support from AFDigital’s TeamX. Get to know more about’s digital transformation journey with us in our March newsletter.

SPOTLIGHT: The Value of Customer Data Webinar, AFDigital Podcast, and Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release Highlights

How much is your customer data worth?

AFDigital’s CEO, Robin Leonard, helps you answer this question during his recent webinar, “Why Is Data Valuable?” In the webinar, he discussed: Click on the video above to watch this insightful webinar.

We want to do more of these so we can share with you why we do what we do. And so we’re excited to announce our newest platform, where we will be sharing our stories of business transformation and customer experiences:

Head on to our show, The Modernisation, to learn more about industry events, different trends, exciting ideas, and latest updates!

Salesforce released its Spring ‘20 Update last 17 February! So we took the opportunity to jot down all the cool new tools and features for ALL its Clouds on the AFDigital blog: That’s everything you need to know for the month of February. We’d love to give you more of these monthly updates, connect with us now!

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